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Quan Tv & Appliances

4421 Highway 7
L3R 1M1

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    Quan's TV Appliances Oshawa, Ontario

    I bought a Whirlpool Fridge from Quan's Oshawa, Ontario and was told to wait at least two hours before plugging it in and after two hours I started the brand new fridge to hear a high pitched whining noise from the compressor. I went to the store to ask for an exchange as this was a defective fridge from the get go and was told no refunds or exchanges and that I would have to deal with Whirlpool but I said I bought the appliance from Quan's not Whirlpool. Whirlpool sent out a service technician and he stood there without looking at the fridge and said this noise is normal. We paid for an independent service technician to look at the fridge and he said the windings were defective in the compressor and said a new compressor was the solution and this would cost more than the fridge. I went back to Whirlpool's customer service with this information and I am still waiting for their technician but the whole family is experiencing headaches from the noisey compressor. Run not walk from Quan's any savings are not worth the aggravation!

    By: non-member

    QUAN's Appliance - Markham

    Quan's is good on price but their service is pretty substandard. With no online POS system, they can only search by invoice number, go figure. The lady who answered my phone in the Markham store actually hung up on me once because, obviously, she has a sale to attend to. Not sure why such a successful chain will not invest in a better system and train the customer service better.

    I actually ordered my appliances beginning of December and was told that they will arrive the second week... guess what, it was back ordered and dont know when it will be available. Why did i have a feeling that I am being lied to?

    By: savvychick

    Don't Buy From Quan's

    I have had two dealings with this store and both have been negative. Once you pay the bill what little customer service there was will never be see or heard of again.

    Highly recommend Tasco as they have better selection, equal or better then pricing, and superior customer service should you require it.

    Strong recommend you don't give Quan;s any consideration

    By: non-member

    Don't buy from Quan's

    Bought a stove at Quan's and had problems within the first 2 weeks. I was told to unplug it and plug it back in, which was a temporary fix. A week later the electronic display completely shut down and I lost all use of the oven. I called the store again, and without any apology or concern, they just gave me a number for their repair centre.

    Now I have to wait two more weeks for a replacement circuit board...I've had it for a month and have been able to use it twice!

    DO NOT SHOP HERE - They love to get your money and then you're on your own when you have problems with their crap

    By: non-member

    ******* Beware Quan TV Appliances...

    Dealt with this company called " Quan TV Appliances " and needed to write and vent to help anyone planning to buy appliances for their home.

    Just a brutal experience for my family. They put the wrong item(stove) on my invoice and then when they delivered the wrong stove, they advised I had to pay more as the new one had some extra features. This was after waiting 2 weeks...oh well....extra money was paid.

    After no apology was given and despite a severely rude staff at the store and on the phone, new stove finally delivered.

    Another hitch, the stove didn't have any of the extra features as were promised...not only that but the stove had a broken peg on the bottom. Called the company and they told me that they, "have no idea what you are talking about" and that I should never have accepted the stove...ouch...

    feeling totally mislead, I figured no point in continuing this charade...but hoping this post will help someone learn from my mistake.

    I feel so ripped off, but this letter has made me feel better.

    best of luck.

    By: mrebello
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