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RCC Waterproofing WET BASEMENT?Owner Verified Business

4101 Steeles Avenue West, 201
M3N 1V7

Largest and Oldest wet basement contractor in TORONTO, HAMILTON, LONDON, NIAGARA, OSHAWA.We have solved WET BASEMENTS all over ONTARIO.Leaky Basement knowledge and advise is what we can offer which is second to none.Waterproofing basements in Toronto and GTA



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    Great Company !

    Hi my name is john and I’m from London. Rob and his crew from RCC just repaired a crack in my basement. They came in the morning on time well actually early which is very rewarding. It appears to me that to them this work is more of a journey that continues and not just a destination. They did a very great job. They were very clean neat and tidy and respected my home very much and I really appreciate that and the work that they completed.

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    By: John - London

    Hats off to RCC!

    Hi, I'm Tom from Scarborough. I had RCC in here digging out my foundation, I had a whole bunch of cracks.
    Bruno, Chris and the crew were great. Jamie was excellent. They dug down eight feet, and this is the grade that I got when they were finished the job. No settling nothing, fantastic job. My hat goes off to RCC!

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    Employees mentioned in this review:

    By: Tom - Scarborough

    No issues with water since RCC

    Hi I'm Aveda and I'm here to tell you about what a great job RCC has done for us.
    They've been to our house twice now to do two different massive jobs, and it's been fabulous. They crew was wonderful, Jeff and his gang were fantastic. Every single day it was tidy, they were friendly, they were kind, they were considerate. I've got two young children that were constantly around, they showed them what they were doing and got them involved. Anyway, it was a great experience from beginning to end and I would highly recommend them. We've had no issues with water whatsoever since they've been there and its been over three quarters of a year now, we've been through all sorts of rainstorms and it was a disaster before them so we are grateful and extremely thankful to Jeff and his team and highly recommend RCC.

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    Employees mentioned in this review:

    By: Aveda

    Great Waterproofing Job

    Hi, I'm Fran, and I would just like to say that RCC did a fair bit of work, waterproofing, totally re-did three sides of the house, which is quite a lot, and they did a good job and
    everything was great, it was clean, neat and they are very respectful of your property. So I was very happy that they did the work and everything is great.

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    By: Fran

    Respected Reccomendation

    We called RCC for a repair and unfortunately the wait time was beyond what we needed. Even though I explained that our issue was too immediate to wait for RCC to be able to complete the work, Anthony patiently listened to the description of our issue, provided possible solutions to investigate and even gave two competitive recommendations. While we may proceed with a competitor for this issue, RCC has established themselves as honest and trustworthy in my books.

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    By: non-member

    As good as you could ask for!

    A client of mine who had RCC out for an estimate was speaking very highly of them, so I asked for the contact number and they gave me Trevor's number. It's been good, I've called Trevor to come and look at several jobs, he's quoted on them, he's always been excellent, professional, prompt and people speak very highly of their meetings with him.The work that I've seen that RCC's done, the crews are good, they show up on time, they're neat, they're tidy, they don't leave a mess. It's about as much as you could ask for.

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    Employees mentioned in this review:

    By: Alec

    Great Work, Great Guys, Great Experience


    I wanted to take the time to let everyone at RCC know about the great experience we had with your company. It started with a visit from Jamie who quickly diagnosed the issues we were having and then took the time to explain exactly what needed to be done and how his team would execute. This was a friendly and down-to-earth conversation; one which didn't feel like we were being hassled or pressured into making an on-the-spot decision. He worked with us on payment options and quoted a very favorable rate, especially when compared to others we received from rival companies (I mean, it wasn't even close!).

    The work crew of brothers Marco and Chris, along with Jerry, showed up early and ready to work. All three guys were extremely hard-working and professional in their approach to completing every inch of the job to perfection. Similar to Jamie, they took the time to explain exactly what they were doing and where the cracks and problem spots were in...


    Employees mentioned in this review:

    By: MacLachlan's - Scarborough

    Thanks to Rick and the Crew!

    Hello my name is Elma, and I used RCC to waterproof my house. I was very happy with it. I called Rick and he came around about two days later. He spent a long while, about an hour looking both inside and outside the house, and he explained it all to me and told me what needed to be done, because there was a lot of water damage. And the firm came and it only took about two days to complete it. They did an excellent job, and I was very pleased, they cleaned up afterwards. I've already recommended to my friend and will do in the future!

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    Employees mentioned in this review:

    By: Elma

    Excellent Company to Deal With

    I have dealt with RCC in the past, I think two or three times prior. I found them to be an excellent company to deal with. From their customer service, to answering the phone, they always respond in a very reasonable amount of time. And I would, hopefully, if I deal with them I would buy them dinner, but hopefully I'll never have another leak and they do an excellent job and they've been very responsive. Also, we deal with this gentleman, Nader, who we've dealt with on numerous occasions before and he's been excellent - not only personable and friendly, he knows what he's doing and this give us a tremendous comfort feeling. I hope this is helpful to you when you have to make a decision, they are an excellent organization to deal with.

    By: PeterRoe


    This is to let RCC know that a couple of Saturdays ago Peter and George came over to our residence to replace the patio stones, and clean up etc. in the back yard and they did a very good job - very efficient and respectful. The excavation was done by your crew in the fall and overall we were very pleased with the team.


    Great Work and Workers

    Front to back my review is very positive, and as a self proclaimed perfectionist that is saying a lot. The work was done very well, the guys were easy to talk to, friendly and let walked me through he entire process. I typically do not submit reviews on companies, but everyone at RCC was great to work with and they truly earned my time for me to submit a great review. I hope this review helps put people's minds at easy as I know a leaky basement can be stressful. I would have no hesitation recommending RCC to family & friends, and is company should definitely be on your list of companies you get a quote from.

    Employees mentioned in this review:

    By: Jhrycys


    I would like to say thank you to your crew of Joey, Jesse, and Rob. They were exceedingly polite and did an EXCELLENT job. I was very impressed by their work and attention to detail. Joey left Jesse and Rob here to do most of the work while he attended to other business and returned to see the job finished. Jesse and Rob answered all of questions in detail and were most pleasant to deal with. Again, thank you

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    2nd TIME USING RCC !!

    I had gone to Rcc before and recalled the work they had done on my previous house, and thought it was great. They were fast, clean and quick. So this time I called again and got in touch with Anthony. He came by right away and gave us his recommendations, which we agreed with. Again as before, a great group of guys came by and worked hard and quickly as possible to get the job done. We had about 80 feet which had to be waterproofed. Again a big thank you to John, Marco, Raymond, Diego and Anthony for all their hard work. You guys made us feel more comfortable in our home and we would recommend you to anyone we know. Thanks.

    Employees mentioned in this review:

    By: Dan - Vaughan

    THANK YOU !!!

    We had the pleasure of using RCC Waterproofing to sort out a variety of foundation and water issues with our old house. Not only did Jeff and his crew work in the wettest and muddiest conditions I've seen, they kept their sense of humour, kept our neighbours happy and left the site safe and as clean as possible for our children. Most importantly they were professional and knew how efficiently and effectively to solve the numerous issues they came across. We have been able to enjoy a dry basement ever since. I highly recommend getting in touch with Jamie Hallett, if you have any wet basement concerns. Thank you to all of you.

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    By: Steve - Toronto

    Crack in Foundation wall

    I wanted to take a few minutes to thank Trevor for a tremendous job, not only did he take the time to explain to me the different options he answered ALL of my questions, which i had a lot of. Hes very experienced and i felt really comfortable working with him. The crew also did an amazing job, they very clean and made sure to protect any of my property from damage. Excellent work boys, a job well done!

    Employees mentioned in this review:

    By: David - East York

    Internal Waterproofing

    I just wanted to take the time to thank Trevor very much for a job well done. He was very professional and also very patient as he took the time to walk me through the steps of the work that was going to happen. He gave me a few options and explained them all. The crew was also amazing, they were on time and very neat, which i loved. Thank you so much RCC for a great experience!

    Employees mentioned in this review:

    By: Megan
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    RCC Waterproofing is a fully licensed, insured, bonded, a member of the Better Business Bureau and Toronto Construction Association. Our experience combined with a dedication to customer service ensures you get the best waterproofing experience available to fit your budget. We offer the best waterproofing price guaranteed. Wet Basements are our specialty. We do nothing but waterproof basements. Waterproofing Toronto new homes or fixing older wet basements is not easy and it comes lot unknowns. RCC waterproofing is the industry leader. Basement leaks can be repaired internally, Externally. IF its a basement crack there are several ways to repair. If its a wet basement or Damp basement those can be two totally different repairs. There is no one option to repair a basement. At RCC waterproofing we have a team of knowledgeable people that have the on site experience and history to analyze your basement problems. We provide a free written waterproofing consultation. You will never feel more secure about hiring a contractor like you will with RCC waterproofing. Your comfort will come with the first call to the warranty in the end. 25 Year guarantee on waterproofing making sure you will never have a wet basement again. There is no pressure at RCC waterproofing call anytime to ask questions or express your concerns re your basement leaks. We will be glad to answer all your wet basement questions with out any pressure for you to hire us. Simply to be the best waterproofing contractor

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