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Rempel's Meats

33520 Downes Rd
V4X 2H8
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    order in , what ???

    I phone there today and they told me they dont take orders ahead of time.I would have ordered a few hundred dollars worth of meat today but was told cant,because saturday would be to busy to pick my order up, does that make any scents,so now ill go there and hold the line up on saturday for an hour or more, because i am still going to spend 300$,last time i was there thats how long it took to get my meat packed and they had two girls doing it. lol I guess its better to make the line up bigger and make everyone wait for my big order,and i am coming down from the caribou too.thxs for saving me some time.And yes been going there for 15 teen years and spend a lot of moneyyy there and still will,thanks

    By: non-member


    Great bacon, steaks, and pork. The farmers and garlic sausage is excellent. The store is very busy. Long line ups at Christmas time. If you know what you want, the best thing is to phone your order in

    By: non-member

    Great Meat crummy service

    The product at Rempels is great but their customer service leaves alot to be desired. More than once I've had to ask my server to wash their hands after handling cash and once I was told I could put in a phone order to pick up later, only to be told later that day I couldnt do that. There are a few nice staff members but unfortanately the unpleasant ones make the whole experience a little disapointing.
    Like I said, great meat, crummy service and attitude.

    By: non-member
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