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We got married on May 28th 2011 and not only did the limo overheat and make the bride and bridesmaides 45mins late for the ceremony but they didn't even come pick up the bride and groom at the end of the night.

We were intereted in their Guys and Dolls package ($530+tax) which was to drive the guys to the church, the girls to the church and then the whole wedding party to the reception. Since we had only the one venue, Terry Wood (the owner) said that for the same price, he would include a late night pickup for the bride and groom. We went with that... and were left waiting out front at the end of the night, watching out guests leave.
We called him while we stood out front and he argued that they had nothing saying that they were to come pick us up. So we payed $650 (with tax and tip) for two short rides up to our venue??? Nobody would ever go with this service for that amount.

We spent the next three weeks trying to settle this. When my dad...

By: sbrucekemp
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