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    Home Alarm Installation

    I have been with Safe Tech for 12 years and have always had the very best of service. The monitoring station has been able to help me when I want to test the alarm and can even tell me in which part of the house something has gone wrong. For example, one day we had a party and a helium balloon rose up in front of one of my motion sensors. Safe Tech called me and asked me to check to see if the motion detector in the basement was being blocked by something. We would never have thought about this on our own. I have also had to ask tech services some questions and they have always been able to supply me with the correct information. The installers have been friendly and have gone out of their ways to answer questions or make suggestions. I have also appreciated their loyal customer rewards and friendly sevice. The fact that I have stayed with this company for all of 12 years attests to my complete satisfaction with Safe-Tech.

    By: candyl


    We were worried that our mom who is 83 and living alone might fall or get sick and not be able to contact us. After hearing about safetech from a friend who recommended it, we decided to get one for her. I was very impressed about the excellent service and their professionalism. They were very knowlegeable and gave us the information without pressuring us. My mom did a few tests since it was installed to see if it worked well and she got a very quick response. She feels much more secure now and we know that if she's unable to go to the phone, she will push the button and they will contact us. We would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who's concerned about a love one.

    By: olivernl
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