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Salon Tatiana

162 Davenport
M5R 1J2
We welcome everyone to visit our salon and experience high quality hair and skin care, and peaceful and relaxing environment!



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    •never go to Salon Tatiana @ 162 Davenport Road!!!! they only have business because they lure customers in with online group discounts and don't expect you to return or otherwise they wouldn't treat you horribly like my experience.
    •had a bad day...spent a total 3 hours @ salon.
    •30 mins nobody greeted me at the crappy place w/ 2 stylist chairs.
    •2 hours later hair colour almost done.
    •i asked for dark brown and made it clear i'm not touching up in future so want the colour to blend into my black asian hair, but it came out a brassy-caramel-red...i swear the colour was already mixed when the other junior person was about to put in my hair i asked her to see colours so i can tell her what i want she eventually showed me the colour book, but the owner said i won't understand it and to show me magazines from which i selected dark brown hues from 3 pictures just to be clear.
    •owner went nuts ASAP and YELLED @ me & kept going on and on and complained that she needs to make money with cheap people like me using dealfind, but she already snipped a bit of hair so i felt like a prisoner and decided to be quiet and not give future instructions...when i said in a normal tone "wow this is longest hair appointment i've ever had". then she threatened to give me a bad haircut by saying "how dare you talk to a hairstylist" and my response was "are you saying you're going to give me a bad haircut?". mind you the whole time while she yelled @ me there were 2 clients waiting for their hair colours to dry less than 1 metre away.
    •i was so exhausted and fuming mad, but kept quiet for the remainder so i could leave and she tried to overcharge me $40+ claimed that i got 7 partial highlights and she even went to check my hair, as i said "i told you the deal was for 5 so i hope someone didn't make a mistake" and told her the other girl took my dealfind voucher when i was finally helped. for some reason my credit card also had a problem so i hope that something weird wasn't going on so i'm going to check with my credit card company.
    •i told her i disliked the colour i didn't ask for and asked how to get rid of it and she replied "colour it". she was obviously not being a very good business woman and wanting to fix what she had ruined.
    •oh, the deal came with a haircut, treatment, 5 partial highlights, and tea. the tea is a gross cold looking teapot at the front door, which she only offered after she got her assistant to give her a glass of water which she devoured as she was looking @ my hair colour.
    •i totally regret even stepping foot into this salon and not even leaving when she started yelling @ me, but i wasn't sure @ the moment if it would be worse to get up with partially snipped hair. i think if you're a woman you can relate to this terrifying salon experience and feeling like a prisoner and than regretting it. it's definitely NOT my fault if she can't handle the bookings she books and complain about people using dealfind when she's the one who decided to place this up.
    •now i have to fix my hair colour and the haircut's not even good, as i just wanted to run out of there. i talked to a few salon colourists elsewhere and it's going to be pricey to fix the mess.


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    162 Davenport




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