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Saskatoon Hyundai

806 Circle Dr E
S7K 3T8
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    NOT the best service in Saskatoon

    Service and Customer service are terrible. Extremely pushy with the upselling to the point where they get so busy they have to rush to fit all the upselling into their already fully scheduled day. They tried to push me into doing a whole bunch of "required service" including full rad flush and brake fluid flush! On 2009 vehicle with 33,000 kms on it!! When I declined they tried to make me sign a box stating "customer refused required service". When I questioned them on it and showed them the maintenance plan in the book, and confirmed with Hyundai Canada, they backed off. With regard to warranty, they fixed one straight forward issue under warranty with no problems. On a second issue that was clearly under warranty but intermittent problem, they made me feel like they were DOING ME A HUGE FAVOR rather than replacing a problematic item that is clearly under the stated warranty paid for with the vehicle. When they did the repair they did minor damage to the interior,...

    By: crapcar

    Customer doesn't matter!

    First exp. with Saskatoon Hyundai service dept. was horrible. After you buy your vehicle, be prepared to be left out in the cold! I was worshiped until I had my first service appointment. Brought a few problems to their attention and when I picked the car up I was told that 4 out of 5 were "Nothing I can do for you". Called Hyundai Canada and was told the same. Even though they could remedy the problems, they wouldn't. I will be taking my car to be serviced out of town, from now on, as service manager was VERY unprofessional. Thinking of returning my new car and going elsewhere! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING A HYUNDAI B/C OF SERVICE!!!

    By: 2008Hyundai
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    806 Circle Dr E




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