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Sears Canada Inc

Southgate Mall

Sears is committed to improving the lives of our customers.



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    Lingerie department, Sears Southgate

    Sears has an absolutely wonderful, helpful, patient staff member in Heather. She went out of her way to help me. Before she could assist me I overheard her helping another shopper and again wonderful service. She is a gem of a clerk . Something that is hard to find these days where most clerks are either to busy or indifferent to shoppers. Thank you Heather

    By: non-member

    Sears salespeople

    RETAiL is REtail ,, and has been my experience the staff are extremely helpful
    be it in the hardware dept clothing furniture and household. electronics
    I am no expert on tools and they took the time to show me the best choice. 5 stars
    i have shopped regularly,, and always found staff helpful, Perhaps overworked
    and ppl with no patience,
    The products are good , warranties ok and service was fine.
    shoe dept needed more help
    but overall no complaints

    By: non-member

    Sears deserves NO ACCOLADES!!!

    Well, let me teel you about our experience with Sears! It is appallingly shameful. We purchased a fridge from Sears on December 30th. We received a phonecall for delivery on Jauuary 19th between 8:30am-1:00pm. By 10:45 when no one called to re-confirm and there was no sign of delivery people, I called Sears Delivery. I was informed they did not have us down for delivery on January 19th nor any other date. Then we were told our fridge was lost, then it was rescheduled for delivery on January 26th. We waited all day until 7:40pm only to be finally phoned by the delivery person who could hardly speak english, that they tried their best to deliver our fridge but they wouldn't be delivering and did not know when they would be delivering it afterall!!! We sat home all day, we had coordinated with people to take our old fridge, they sat waiting with us all day, I had to feed them, I spent 2 hours on Friday nite empting and cleaning out the fridge, took out all the shelves and such for...

    By: non-member

    I think Sars Southgate is great!

    I always get great deals, the products are varied and their own labels, like Jessica are long lasting. The returns are easy. I find the staff are friendly and helpful, even though they are busy! Remember we are in Edmonton and we have to appreciate our retail people for doing a great job. I've been shopping here for over a decade.

    By: non-member

    Sears appliance delivery

    On the morning we were to received our new dishwasher (prepaid delivery, $230), truck staff called to say that they could not bring it because it was "too heavy". When management was approached, they agreed with delivery staff and we were told to pick it up ourselves. Perhaps the delivery staff should be pitied because they are all working with crutches and wheelchairs; if so, Sears should be criticized for not transferring them to desk jobs and getting healthy people to do their lifting. Either way, we won't be going back.

    By: gunnarblodge

    Sears at Southgate Mall: Worse...

    Don't buy any large appliances there. My elderly mother purchased a washing machine over 2 months ago, but the machine does not work due to the circuit board. A family member had to demand that a repairman come sooner than what Sears wanted to schedule (2 weeks) because there were clothes and water in the machine and the water would not drain. This was after the first attempt at using the machine. The staff at Southgate mall are absolutely unhelpful in resolving this issue and has caused more of an ordeal. ("I can't do anything"; "the manager is not available" etc). My mother has been getting the run-around and has been crying and upset. Everytime we think there is resolution with a date (2 weeks here and 2 weeks there) there is no action by Sears and she is stuck with a useless machine as the return policy is 30 days which has long passed.

    Save yourselves the agony and go to other competitors. It can't get worse than this. I can't believe Sears service has gone downhill so badly.

    By: non-member

    Satisfaction Guarantee - I don't...

    Less than 2 years ago I purchased a sofa from Sears. I paid over $2000.00 for just the sofa. Recently we noticed that there was a "bulge" on the side of the sofa and it appeared that it was sitting at an angle. We turned the coach upside down and saw that the frame (made out of what appeared bulsa wood or the cheapest available, had not only cracked but had split in two. When I called Sears about getting it repaired they informed me that it was no longer covered unwarranty. I explained that I understood that but could they send someone by to replair it. They told me that unless it is under warrranty they do not do repairs, nor would they recommend anyone in the Edmonton area to do the repairs. I told them that they should be ashamed to sell such poor quality furniture at such a high price. My advice to you is to think twice before buying their furniture. The price may be high but the qaulity sure isn't .. . . .and Sears does not back their products.

    By: non-member

    The Hair Studio

    I went to the hair studio in Sears to book a nail appointment. The appointment was set for 1pm later that week. I arrived early on the day of my appointment. No one came to the desk to help me even though I leaned around the corner to let them know I was there. During my wait I seen that the nail lady LIZE had just recently started another lady's nail's in between the spare 15mins of her last appointment and my appointment. The lady getting her nails done said to nail tech, "Oh do you have an appointment at 1 maybe I shouldve came earlier?" And the nail tech replied back saying that its was ok? Finally the lady who booked my appointment earlier that week came to the front and asked me what I wanted. I asked if she booked me wrong because the nail tech didnt care that is was already past one oclock. The lady at the front verified that it was at 1 so I asked when I would be getting them done and she said I dont know ask the nail tech and the tech said oh you can just wait I while, and I said how long? Oh fifteen minutes or so. People book appointments for a reason, Lize could care less about her customers, and the service at the front sucks, dont waste you time or money there.

    By: non-member
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