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    Shipwreck Marine

    I bought a new pontoon boat this year. I have seen the reviews, and spoke very openly with the salesman about them. I left and did some more thinking and went back again. I believed my salesman to be honest and genuinely wanted to help me find the right boat. He took his time with me and my wife, answered all our questions, and we decided to purchase the boat. The pontoon is a perfect boat for my family, and we have a great time in it. Whenever I phone for assistance, I get help, or Bill gets back to me with the answer. I am very happy with the boat and the service I have received.

    By: non-member

    Horrible Service Department

    We purchased a boat from the Edmonton Boat Show in March 2012. The sales people were great and Brandon was very helpful. We brought our boat in for its 20 hour service. I have a 5 hour drive to Edmonton and was to be there on business for 4 days. I though it would be a great time to haul the boat and get the 20 hour service completed. I called in advanced and booked a service appointment For Thursday July 12. I dropped the boat off on Wednesday July 11. When were bought the boat we were told the services could be done in a couple days when were were in Edmonton. I stopped by shipwreck on Saturday July 14 to see if the boat was ready as I was leaving Edmonton on Sunday and they are not open on Sundays. Well the person at the services desk was the most rude person I have ever delt with. I was rudely told "what do you expect? The boat has only been here 3 days". The boat had not even been brought into the shop yet. So we drove 5 hours home without the boat. I...

    By: Nemesis77

    Trailer tires

    I bought my boat during the 2010 season. New four winns with trailer. The trailer tires starting showing some wear the first year but nothing drastic. This year they are splitting and the treads are seperating form the tires. They have less than 2500kms on them. When I called they said there is nothing they can do I need to call the manufacturer.
    Spent $30,000 on a boat and trailer, 2 years of serviceing and winterizing and there is nothing they can do over two obviously defective $100 tires? They will never see me again.

    July 19

    I decided to file a complaint with the better business bureau. By the way this is the first ever complaint I have filed with the BBB and the first time I have posted like this. Tells how bad the service must be. I filed my complaint with the BBB and got a response. Their response was that the tires where only warranteed for 1 yr, actually it is 2 yrs if they would have taken the time to even check. That means...

    By: Tinbashin

    More than happy with Shipwreck

    I bought my boat back in May from Shipwreck Marine after having done some major research with other makes and distributors. When I got the price I never even questioned it. It was by far the best price out there and even came with more features than other more expensive boats. Bill took my order and Dan Kosiak made sure all went well with the purchase and follow up. Thank you Dan for the great service I have received, I have not had any problems with the boat. The rigging was set up perfect and it is a dream to cruise on. Would certainly come back again. Dave C.

    By: Chappy

    Four Winns H190

    We just bought our boat from Bill and it was a wonderful experience. He got to us as soon as he could, which gave us a couple minutes to look around. He was very knowledgeable about the stock they had and armed with our uses for it, he helped us buy just the boat we wanted. After shopping around, we know that we got an excellent deal and will return there and will refer our friends there as well. Thanks Bill and Wallee for all your help.

    Alan and Julie

    By: fishergirl

    Happy Customer

    Recently bought a Four Winns boat. Seems to run great! Deal was great, nothing unexpected in the sale.
    Gas mileage is way better than expected. Everyone is loving the boat. Great trailer, much heavier than others I looked at.
    Great bunch of different boats to look at as well as a host of accessories.

    Couldn't be happier!

    I have read through some of the reviews. They sell boats.... They obviously are very busy because they are trying to look after customers and make a living. Think about how many people are just kicking the tires.

    Anyway, I'm satisfied!

    By: Peterand

    Really poor follow up

    After driving 100kms to pick up my new boat I get told on arrival it has damage from transporting to the rub band around it and will be replaced. So wait 2 months to have it fixed with parts comming from the USA. Ok I could live with that, but its now 5 months and to have to wait this long for two decals and a table mount ring is crazy.The pricing was great but service needs a lot of work

    By: non-member

    Unsatisfied customer

    This company doesn't even deserve half a star. bought a new boat in June 2010 and haven't had anything but trouble. First off went to put the boat into the water and luckily we had someone there to advise us to maybe check the gear oil in the leg of motor, to our surprise there was none, secondly our fish finder didn't work it was the actual sonar, so glad that Shipwreck did there PDI (pre delivery inspection) NOT! Called and called trying to get something done, all they do is give you the run around. Had to take them to the BBB before we even got any response and even then they lied to us and the BBB. We finally got our new fish finder but only 2 months later. I will never deal there again and will not recommend anyone else to either. What bad customer service and the owner is not any better, when we spoke with him all he had to say is that he wasn't going to waste his time with us, that's nice since we only bought a $40,000 boat from them. These guys shouldn't even be in business, I really don't understand how they even could be with all the comments that are listed and the F rating they have with the BBB.

    By: Unhappy2

    Horrible STAY AWAY!!!

    This place has the worst customer service I have ever been force fed. That is the only way to describe it. After buying a brand new $40,000 boat I took it in for the first time for some minor warranty stuff. After getting the boat back in a total mess I expressed my displeasure. After a bunch of emails and a 45 minute call I was told by the senior director of operations for their 6 dealerships that if I continued being ridiculous and did not accept the type of service they provide I was not allowed to bring my boat with a total of 9 hrs on it to any one of their dealerships. The only Fourwinns dealer in western Canada. Talk about bending a guy over a barrel and giving it to them. I politly said no thanks and hung up the phone. Those jerks are not worth the scum left from the bottom of Albertas dirtiest lake. I suggest youi search long and hard for more info on Shipwreck Marine before you buy from them. They may have had the lowest price but I would pay thousands more just to be...

    By: billw
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