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Shoppers Drug Mart

8060 Silver Springs Blvd NW #198
T3B 5K1

Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada's largest retail drug store group meeting Canadians' health care needs for over 30 years.



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    most horrific location of them all

    The most terrible location of them all!!! Unfortunately, the closest to where we live, Lately, prefer to drive to other locations then to deal with the same cranky old ladies always gossiping about customers, routine rudeness, closing earlier 5-10 min. But nothing could beat the pharmacy where some of us experience problem with refills (just this location), eagerness to always say NO rather then to find a solution (specific training???) , under-dispensing medication (e.g.instead of prescribed 600, put 500 etc)and general laziness of some pharmacist to do their job. Interesting, when I was in BC and run out of medicine, I drove to a local Shoppers - this is not my province, not my city , not my location - and the local pharmacists tried t: (and I ) can'not, may not, should not etc . She insisted to give her my prescription and insurance information, then calmly turned to me and said, yes we can. She saved my life.
    Coming back home, I went to Silver spring location and...

    By: milabiz

    Great Shoppers - Horrible Post Office

    I have had great, super friendly service from all the Pharmacy and the store staff for years and years. I feel lucky to have it right in our neighbourhood, so handy!

    But the Post Office ladies - oh my goodness. They are so horrific - mean and slow and pathetic - it's like out of a bad movie. I cannot believe Canada Post puts up with staff members like that. They should have a locked comments box, I bet it would be full to the brim with negative feedback within a day!

    By: non-member

    It's okay....

    This shoppers is very close to my house and I have been going there ever since I was little. I am seriously in there about 2 or 3 times a week picking up random things as it is on my way home. Most of the staff is friendly and helpful if you need assistance, and I think that the store is usually pretty organized. I have only picked something up at the post office there once. It wasn't the person that all the other reviews on here seem to be talking about that I dealt with. It was a younger girl who is "odd" to say the least...There was only one person in front of me, but she continued to have a long convo with them about the weirdest stuff and I ended up waiting about 10 minutes just to pick up something. I didn't mind that she was talking to them, but since she was done helping them she could have quickly assisted me and gone back to the conversation.

    My only real complaint is with Marty the pharmacist. I find him very rude and arrogent. I have...

    By: non-member

    Post Office - SLOW!!! and painful.

    I actually have to schedule atleast 30-45 minutes out of my day if I know I'm going to have to deal with the staff that work in this post office. There is always a line of 3+ customers waiting to complete something that seems so simple. Their staff are slugish, rude, unhappy and a pain to deal with. If I go into this store and know that the older lady with glasses, brown hair is there I immediately walk out as I know I won't be getting my task done.

    If this lady is the same one as described in the other reviews she definitely needs a reality check. I've watched her on with another girl and she just stood there for 5 minutes going through her purse while a que of 5 people stood there and waited. Why couldn't she give the other girl a hand? If you're going to go through your purse behind the desk while there is a que atleast go into the back and do it. Oh and after that she left.

    Something needs to be done as I am having to drive up to the drug store in Crowfoot to get my mailing done properly. I'm in and out within 3-5 minutes.

    By: Unhappy10102

    miss the old pharmacists

    The service under the current management is no way near as helpful as when the old owners ( the twins) used to run it. I find they need over an hour to slap a label on a box. I have read the reviews on the post office and have always had good service in that part of the store but am now going to go elsewhere for my prescriptions.

    By: bossready

    Post office manager is horrible!

    Please, please, please get rid of that awful woman who manages the post office!!!!! I literally drive elsewhere to do my mailing and then spend more money in their store...I would rather put the money back into my community store but refuse to have such poor service, rudeness and at times she is just plain mean to my kids. Get rid if her!!!!

    Otherwise the store is great!

    By: non-member


    The pharmacy is compeletly disoranized and over charges for their pill dispensing fee. I have even had them owe me half a prescription but then write it off when when I went back to get the remaining half filled!

    By: non-member


    I love this store. Everyboday is nice.
    But there is this guy name Grag.
    He is so rude to the other stuff and cosutomors.
    I was there few days ago. He was trainig this guy and he was pointing everying saing "this is bin we put small stuff. this is shelf... this is that" I mean, I wasn costumor and i know what it is. its a common sense. he treats that guy was like elementry school.
    also one time, he told this lady what "rotate" means and she explan perfectly well. and he goes and explans what rotate means. I mean who treats other employers like that?

    By: non-member

    worse ever

    Last night, after 11 pm they run a cleaning machine so loud I thought I will have a permanent hearing loss. We needed ear plugs! This was accompanied by a dust coming from the machine and settling right in my grocery basket. The store is very small, spaces between the island narrow so it felt the fellow pushing machine was following you to close penetrating your private space. This was quite different from the pleasant experience we have had at other locations with nice background music and gentle fragrance in the air, ... This place was the opposite. I feel violated, my ears to my groceries to my privacy.
    The stuff was rude, the women refused to issue bonus because I, instead of cash was paying with gift certificate which are equivalent of cash. She went nitty-gritty, so I left the store empty handed leaving all my merchandises behind. There are better places out there where i leave my money

    I never liked the store. Sometimes, annoyingly, no price tags, and - if you have to shop there - please check the expiration date

    By: iriss

    My local Shoppers Drug Mart

    The Silver Springs Shoppers is very handy for me. It's literally 2 minutes from my house. The pharmacy is great, the cashiers and cosmetics staff are lovely, but the Post Office is NOT a happy place. I now drive 10 minutes up Sarcee Tr to the new Shoppers Drug Mart to use their post office. The lady that manages the Silver Springs post office is well past her prime and needs to find a new job. She is rude, condescending and should realize she's the one who looks like the jerk when she's serving the customers.

    By: adventuregur
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    Built on a foundation of professional expertise and personal service, Shoppers Drug Mart has been meeting Canadians' health care needs for over 40 years. What was once a small pharmacy in Toronto has grown into an organization of over 925 stores from coast to coast, becoming an indelible part of the lives of Canadians, young and old. Yet despite our growth, we have never forgotten our origins. We have always remained true to our belief that the personal satisfaction of each and every customer is at the root of our success - and it can only be ensured by the commitment of people who realize that success is built one customer at a time.

    8060 Silver Springs Blvd NW #198




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