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Shortreed Community School

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    Dissapointed With Shortreed

    I have been with Shortreed for 11 years between 2 children and for the most part I have been very very sastisified with the school. However in the last year 2007/2008 I have had a different feel for the school I used to love. With the change of the Administration and the merging of 2 schools it has been a huge dissapointment. I refused to allow my daughter to finish her remaining 2 years there, instead I have moved her to the Abbostford District. I would not recommend Shortreed to anyone at this point and have been sorry to the parents that I had recommended to Shortreed in the past.
    Overall, this school IS NOT a school I would suggest anyone to attend until the Administration has been changed yet again.

    By: mydigits

    Shortreed Elementary School

    This would have been my daughters last year and I have pulled her to go else were . This speaks on it's own . In past years the school has been a welcoming place for students and parent alike and I/we loved the school , the 2007 2008 year fell short , very short . The school has become a very unwelcomimg place for me and no longer offers what I want for my child . I believe trust is very important between the Principal and the parents , I did not have that . In short , I do not recommend this school....keep looking , our children are worth more.

    By: julianna
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