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    Ok, I really don’t know about the rest of you, but when a restaurant advertises to have amazing food and a cozy setting and when you go there it turns out to be the complete opposite, it REALLY gets me MAD!!! I've tried many different restaurants and I have very picky taste I must admit, I'm not even gonna lie! I love different foods such as Cajun/Creole, Indian, Chinese Hakka, Schezuan, Italian, East African, & if you may call it Soul Food etc ... It's actually very good that I'm not a REAL food critic because I think I would get myself into loads of trouble!

    I was introduced to this restaurant through a friend and ever since then, I have taken everyone I know there! The name is SOUTHERN ACCENT! This restaurant is hidden away in a Victorian town house in Toronto’s Mirvish Village (near Bloor and Bathurst) with cozy corners, private rooms and boast's a 1940’s bar. The funny thing is, they've been serving their loyal customer's since 1984! Who would have thought!

    The food I will admit is pricey but you will get what you are paying for. The portions are regular sized, nothing special but the tastes will definitely get you started, that you will want to try almost everything you find appealing! I think I gain 10 pounds every time I go there because of how much I eat!!! LOL! The staff is very curtious and very pleasant unfortunetly since they are ALWAYS busy it does take some time to order and to actaully recieve your food. Sometimes on the weekends the wait is even longer.

    Let's get right into their menu! If you think you would go there with an appetite, your better off getting the full course meal for $30. It comes with an appetizer, a dinner of selected choices and dessert altogether. Tea & coffee also included. Besides, you can share with friends, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, they may just finish everything in your plate! They have many differnet starters and appetizers that will tangle your taste buds! LOL! REALLY! I have tried the Southern Cornbread, Hushpuppies, and the Baked Garlic. My favorite was the Hushpuppies ... basically corn fritters fried to perfection! Moving onto the main course meals they have about 8 to choose from, not too many but my favorite once again was the Bourbon Street CHICKEN for only $18 ... the mash potatoes where covered in garlic butter and have little chunks of garlic in them. THE BEST I HAVE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE! Better than my own cooking, but I didn’t say that! They have many different side choices other than the garlic mashed potatoes so not to worry! And finally, out of all their desserts I think the Pecan Pie and the Chocolate Layer Cake are the best!!!! You can finish off the night with a few drinks, they have everything anyone can drink!

    This is one thing that got me hooked on the restaurant. They offer psychic readings every evening. PLEASE book your reservations in advance by at least 2 weeks because they are always busy, and state whether or not you would like to see the psychic and for how many people. You will not be able to walk in and get a psychic appointment. They have two different psychic's Kim and Marlena and they are both excellent I must admit. I had never been to a psychic before this for 24 years and the first time I sat with Kim and it was like she knew me, she was right on the money. She actually told me things that no one but myself would know, trust me, I am the biggest skeptic you will ever meet about anything!

    Southern Accent has been around for more than 20 years and has been recognized for their warm hospitality, inviting staff and unique atmosphere that it is a destination restaurant and favorite location for parties of all kinds — Mardi Gras, weddings, birthdays, you name it!

    I dont usually like writing about restuarants since their service and menus change frequently but this one I had to let you guys know about. The atmosphere is unlike anything I have ever experienced and the food is off the hook! This is a spot I think everyone should check out, it would be worth the drive and worth the wait!

    Coming SOON – you can buy Southern Accent products online such as hats, shirts, costumes, Mardi gras masks and beads, cooking sauces etc ...

    Sorry once again for another very long review ... I just have too much to say!

    - Good service and GREAT food
    - Catering available
    - Psychic readings available
    - Located off of the DVP
    - Gift certificates available at Shoppers Drug Mart
    - Online site allows potential clients to view menu before hand
    - Online store you can purchase items from and make reservations

    - Not wheelchair accessable
    - Food can be a bit pricey

    - Monday to Sunday 5pm to 2am (psychic's available until 10pm).

    - Dinner reservations can be made online @ or by calling 416 536 3211.
    - Kim or Marlena readings start @ $35

    - Mid-sized parties of 1- to 36 can dine privately in one of five different rooms.
    - They offer offsite catering so they can bring everything to your party!



    • By: JENNIFER
      December 10th, 2007

      Ohhh Fantastic Photos!!

    • By: ERIN23
      December 10th, 2007

      sounds delicious! i'll have to try it some time!

      TRUST ME!!!
      December 10th, 2007

      Trust me ladies the food is well worth the little wait! PLEASE make sure you make your reservations earliy because you dont want to go all the way downt here and then tell you they are busy today! ESPECIALLY FOR THE PSYCHIIC'S!!!

      You'll love the food and atmosphere and you'll start taking your friends their like I have! =)

      January 23rd, 2008

      It loks great and sounds liek it is well worth the wait.

      January 23rd, 2008

      Thanks!!! Trust me as long as you make reservations ahead of time you should have no problem! It is worth the wait believe me! Thanks again!!! =)


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