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Speedy Auto Service Victoria

2992 Douglas St
V8T 4N4

You can depend on Speedy for the best while you wait service, outstanding value and the assurance we stand behind what we do.



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    GET OUT AND DON'T COME BACK ! We advise the same to everyone.
    He was demanding more money to fix problem they created.
    Save your money and go elsewhere ...
    Our experience at Speedy. Brake work done in Mar 2010.
    $1000.00 invoice. Brakes soft and clunking noise from passenger rear after work. Returned car 4 times, June, May 11, Oct 11, Apr 12 . GET OUT !!. Took to Toyota next day. Toyota replaced shoes as Speedy had machined and changed drums over and over expecting different results. Is that the definition of insanity or what? Toyota advise shoes installed by Speedy poor quality. Brakes better but still had clunking noise when braking. Finally had to replace everything Speedy put in and found it to be a part they installed on the passenger side.
    The Alberta regional person is about as bad for Speedy and claims he has experience but I still have all the bad parts including the part making the noise and it was not the shoes This place makes a mochery of automotive service.
    You will want trade your car after dealing with this company.

    By: rbmoch9


    I am writing to express my deep appreciation of the service I continue to receive from Mike and his team at Speedy Auto service. If I attempted to tell you how many times Mike has delivered outstanding value to me for my dollar spent with his business and how many times he has gone far out of his way to ensure I was looked after you would not believe me!

    Honestly I have spent a good amount of my hard earned money at Speedy Auto although I haven’t always wanted to. But because Mike makes me feel so comfortable with the process, working out a priority list with me explaining the "whys and the whens" best to do the repairs and regular maintenance I feel that what is going on in my life is being considered. Some repair shops get you to spend money you don’t have, at times when it’s not completely necessary. I respect Mike a lot for that. I know he's a business man who needs to make money but I think he knows taking care of his customers short term will make...

    By: honest65

    Beware going to Speedy

    I'm very frustrated with this company. Last January I brought my car to them because I saw my battery symbol lit up on my dash board. They fixed the alternator, charged me $400.00 and the following night I went to work and I was just going to my next client when I found out my car was dead, no lights, not starting, no sound at all..I called a tow truck, I was thinking maybe it's the battery. And the tow truck man said, it wasn't the battery but the cable was loosened.Last Wednesday I brought my car to Speedy again for oil change, and guess what happened the next day, I went to work and I was about to leave my client's home when I found out my car was dead again. Same thing happened. I was stucked on the street for two hours lastnight waiting for my friend's mechanic to check the car. Guess what happened, the cable was made loose again. How could they do such things to a customer who trusted them to do an honest job. So, beware with this company!!! From now on, I had enough with them.

    By: emy123
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    For over 50 years, the qualified professionals at Speedy Auto Service have been proud to bring Canadians honest, reliable and affordable solutions for their auto repair needs. Our success comes from our emphasis on friendly, courteous service, with a goal of building long-lasting relationships with each one of our valued customers. This personal touch, combined with the unmatched technical knowledge of our certified team, is what makes Speedy Canada’s best choice for auto repair.

    2992 Douglas St




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