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Split Crow Pub

1855 Granville St
A welcoming smile, hearty platters of food, generous mugs of grog and, of course, great music. . . the tradition continues.



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    Split Crow: get totally shitfaced...

    Oh Split Crow! You haven't been to Halifax until you've been to the Split Crow. You will find yourself drinking more beer than you ever thought possible, singing louder in public than you ever thought possible...and drunker before 5pm on a Saturday than you ever thought possible.

    As the tale goes, your weekend is planned out so that you don'
    t go out drinking on a Friday night because you will be waking up to get a table around noon. (Those alcoholics who do go out the night before may have a rough start)

    Generally, the eager drinkers order some tasty pub fare, along with their first beer of the day. And for the next couple of hours a few pitchers are thrown back amongst friends while the band starts playing some Maritime favourites, along with all the best sing-a-longs...until...

    ITS 4:30!! POWER HOUR. Now folks, this is when things start to get silly. Trays of beer (30 of them) for the price of $50. Or for those who don't like to...

    By: Becca
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    The Split Crow Story... On July 17th, 1749, Governor Cornwallis granted a license to sell Beer and Liquor to a Mr. John Shippey. This was the first liquor license to be issued in New Scotland, (now Nova Scotia). John Shippey named his tavern The Spread Eagle as its sign was taken from the German coat of arms, The Double Eagle. Shortly after opening, the tavern became affectionately known as The Split Crow. John Shippey's Split Crow, located at the southwest corner of Salter and Water streets, quickly became a second home for sailors, mariners and travelers. They were given comfortable lodgings, food and generous mugs of grog. In the tradition of the day, music was played, ladies entertained, politics were discussed and, inevitably, fights broke out. One of these fights resulted in the first ever murder charge in Nova Scotia. More than 250 years later, although in a different location, The Split Crow, continues to serve mariners and travelers from around the world and nearby. A welcoming smile, hearty platters of food, generous mugs of grog and, of course, great music . . . the tradition continues. You are always welcome at The Split Crow

    1855 Granville St






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