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Split Crow Pub

1855 Granville St
A welcoming smile, hearty platters of food, generous mugs of grog and, of course, great music. . . the tradition continues.



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    Oh Split Crow! You haven't been to Halifax until you've been to the Split Crow. You will find yourself drinking more beer than you ever thought possible, singing louder in public than you ever thought possible...and drunker before 5pm on a Saturday than you ever thought possible.

    As the tale goes, your weekend is planned out so that you don'
    t go out drinking on a Friday night because you will be waking up to get a table around noon. (Those alcoholics who do go out the night before may have a rough start)

    Generally, the eager drinkers order some tasty pub fare, along with their first beer of the day. And for the next couple of hours a few pitchers are thrown back amongst friends while the band starts playing some Maritime favourites, along with all the best sing-a-longs...until...

    ITS 4:30!! POWER HOUR. Now folks, this is when things start to get silly. Trays of beer (30 of them) for the price of $50. Or for those who don't like to share - 3 beers for $5.

    By this point, you are either trying to take the microphone from the lead singer because you think you do a better version of "Wonderwall" than him, or you are hugging the middle aged man sitting at the table next to you who is out to celebrate his sons 19th birthday. But his wife doesn't care, because she is also about 7 beers deep.

    As power hour is nearing its end, the brave servers venture around the crowded bar to fulfill the extremely inebriated customers last wishes. And as kat has found out..when you order 3 more - it doesn't mean 3 more in total - it means 3 more for everyone sitting at the table. But as an unwritten law of life you can't leave unfinished beer on the table. So it somehow all disappears.

    Once all the beer is gone, it is time to stumble out of the bar, usually around 6 o'clock, and sing the entire way home.

    cheap drinks, good music, fun, fun, fun

    feeling the need to relieve yourself in the public park on your way home?


    • By: KAT
      September 27th, 2007

      HAHAHAHA best place ever! especially squatting in front of a tour group in daylight on your way home....or so I have heard? I love the Split Crow, it is quintissential Halifax! Also Bebs, when did you become so eloquent?

    • By: STEPH
      Hour of POWER
      September 27th, 2007

      Ohhh Power Hours are fantastic! Do they other drinks for cheep other then beer?

    • By: BECCA
      September 27th, 2007

      they do, but not on this particular power hour

    • By: KAT
      September 28th, 2007

      I think the rule is that in Halifax, at a pub, you have to drink beer...

    • By: DILLY
      Not in Ontario
      September 29th, 2007

      The act of discounting beer twice within a 24 hour period (cutting the price for an hour then raising back up) is SO illegal - as in, lose your liquor licence for 3 or 4 weeks, or even more if its not your first go with the commish.

      The last time Power Hours were legal in Ontario most n49ers were still n00ers.



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    1855 Granville St






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