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We understand you have many options and appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Stingray Limo dedicates itself to providing superior vehicles with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Don



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    LESS THAN 1/2 STAR!!!!
    I had Chuck provide the limos for my wedding in September of 2009. We spoke over email numerous times and agreed on the type of cars as well as the amount. On the day of the wedding an old white limo pulled up to my house. This limo had a huge hole in the window which was covered by black window tinting "tape". While I requested a stretch limo for this portion of the wedding, I did not request one that looked like it had been involved in a drive-by! We had to direct the driver how to get to our venue even though Chuck had requested that information quite a few times.
    I also requested 2 Lincoln Navigator Limos for the groomsmen & family who had flown over from England. What arrived to pick them up was further from a Lincoln Navigator as you can get. A party bus showed up, complete with footprints on the table inside. This bus looked like it had not been cleaned from whatever party it was used for the night before. The driver, when questioned, stated he did not know who Chuck was and did not know where he was going.
    My now husband phoned Chuck to complain about the limos on the way to the wedding. Chuck said he would meet us in the evening when picking us up to take us to the hotel & our bridal party home. Chuck came to the venue, as stated, and 3 cars came with him. 2 Ford Expedition Limos and one black stretch limo. Still no Lincoln Navigators!
    Chuck apologized for the mix up and told my husband to call him the following week to set up some sort of reimbursement for the problems. My husband called numerous times the following week and did not receive a call back. Finally, we were able to get in touch with Chuck who offered us a ride in a limo and dinner at a friends restaurant. By this time we were very fed up with it all and requested we take a cash reimbursement since we did not want to deal with him any longer. We stated that since we had 6 runs (3 cars each way)and that really only one was horribly screwed up we would divide the cost of the package in three and take a third of the money back as a reimbursement. Chuck refused stating that he still had to pay his drivers, something we felt was not our problem! He offered $100.00 and we said no. We knew we were not getting anywhere with him so we settled on $200.00. Chuck set up a time to meet him so he could give us the money. On the morning of the meeting Chuck called and said he could not meet at the set time and asked if we could meet later that day. We already had plans so we were unable to meet later. He said he would mail a cheque to us and I provided him my address.
    I noticed that none of the cars used on the wedding day had the name "Stingray Limo" on them. I made note of the names and phoned those companys and they advised me that Chuck had only called, at most, a week before the wedding to book the cars. We had been corresponding since April!!! One company stated that he had called the NIGHT BEFORE!!!
    To this date we have yet to receive any reimbursement from Chuck, who, ironically, is a friend of one of my family members. If he will treat a friends family member like this imagine how he will treat complete strangers! I have telephoned, emails and sent letters by regular mail and have not had a single response since November 2009.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use this limo service! He does not stand behind his business and completely ducks out if there is a problem. My brother in law attempted to use him as well and had a cancellation from him 2 hours before the set time!


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    Dont be fooled by this fast talker, chuck is his name and he told me and my fiance that he owned 2 hummers a stretched corvette that is convinently in florida. I placed a call after his horrific service on my bachlor party to MTO or the ministry of transportation. i found that he is subleasing only one black hummer from some coach builder in north york. he doesnt own any limos, also he used to own a few that were all repossed by his leasing agent. buyer beware


    • By: MYSTIQUE
      February 29th, 2008

      Wow, good thing you checked up on this business.

    • By: PAULP
      February 29th, 2008

      Its amazing how well mto will help you, also toronto bylaw, mississauga bylaw. you see i
      have recently found that a company to operateneeds several licenses
      a pv or provincial lic.
      and extra pv to cross boarders
      a LIVERY lic. for the city that they operate from
      and a CVOR commercial vehicle operators registration
      you can contact the city, they will give you a list of lic. operators, you can also contact MTO st. catherines for a check on the cvor
      or Mto at 333 bloor st toronto (donna) regarding a PV and XTRA PV

    • By: LILLIMO1
      January 20th, 2010

      YEA I have used this limo service before. They said they would send a corvette stretch and instead they send a 2004 Denali that is a total piece of shit. The seat belt was broken, the tint was coming off and there was a mcdonalds bag and a brisk bottle that was already drunken from. THIS GUY IS A TOTAL SCAM ARTIST. HE CLAIMS THAT HE PROVIDES A QUALITY SERVICE WHEN HE DOESNT. DONT EVER CALL CHUCK HE IS THE FATTEST PIG YOU WILL EVER MEET. IF ANYONE WANTS PICTURES OF WHAT THIS CAR LOOKS LIKE DONT HESITATE TO COMMENT AND I WILL SEND YOU A EMAIL.


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