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Stonefire Bar & Grill

8700 Bathurst Street, Unit 10
L4J 9J8
Upscale Italian Food in a young trendy restaurant in the suburbs.



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    GROSS!! Stinks in more ways than one!

    Never again! Besides the fact that our food tasted rancid, there was a horrible odour of eggs coming from the kitchen area. When we asked the host what the smell was all about, we were told that it's often like that. It's one thing to eat 'bad' food. It's another though to have a bad meal while sitting in a place that smells like a urinal full of eggs. Eat at your own risk! If for some reason you're still inclined to try it out for yourself, take along a gas-mask!!!

    By: kennycheung

    dinner disaster

    had dinner for 10 people. the service was horrible, the owner had such a bad attitude. what a bad experience. the owner couldn't face the fact that the service was so bad he might have to give something for free. we would never go back and neither will the people in our party.

    By: greens


    This owner is so greedy he over reserves the restaurant and then can't seat you for your reservation. This has happened too many times. We have waited over an hour to be seated each time we have had a reservation. And he is rude beyond belief. Definately shouldn't be in that business

    By: always


    We took advantage of the Prix Fixe Savour York region menu to give Stonefire a try. The shrimp cocktail was outstanding, the veal parmesan and pasta delicious, and the portions were more than adequate. Even the children's pasta was a good size portion. The Asian stirfry was also very fresh and tasty. The only problem is that because the food is so good and the menu so varied, it'll be a dent in the pocketbook because we want to go back and try so many other dishes. I've got me eye on a pizza, maybe the ravioli... oh too many to choose from.

    By: neala

    service still... bad

    Our reservation was at 8:30pm. We were not greeted by anyone when we entered the restaurant, even after waiting a significant amount of time (15min or more) just standing there. We were not seated until at least 45 minutes after our reservation time. Things took forever, even just an order of ginger ale. ?!?!?! Also... why would they give us our takeaway boxes WHILE we were still eating? There was absolutely no space on our table for all those boxes. They even tried to put the boxes on the booth seat next to one of my friends. How unprofessional! I did not expect that we'd have to tell them, please hold the boxes until we're ready to leave. The food was fine, but the service definitely, definitely blew. With so many other restaurants offering reasonably good food with much better service, I will spending my time and money elsewhere instead.

    By: non-member

    Would Return

    I went there with my boyfirend (he's sick of the keg) on a sunday ater I was done work. I must say nice decor! I was happy to see more than one to two salade choices (I dont each much meat). The bread was GOOD! we ate a second. I nor did my boyfirend have a bad experience with our food, the service was fine - nothing to complain. My boyfirend ordered the Seafood Risotto (big protion) I ordered the Vegetable Salade (big portion) - only complaint is there wasnt more brie cheese chunks - I love cheese. I would go back again

    By: smanatha101

    Bad Experience

    What a bad evening... the service was a disaster.
    We had reservations for 7:30, they didn't have the table ready when we arrived so they added a table by the kitchen, where we were clearly in the way of everyone.
    We originally ordered lasagna;30minutes passed by the waitress comes back to say that they ran out. so wee ordered 2 Seafood pastas and one cheese pizza... We got our food after one hour.The pizza was cold and dry, no one asked us how the meals were... I had to flag down the waitress to get our bill.

    Great decor, great background music, Bad service!

    By: Luis

    A lovely evening

    We went to Stonefire for the 1st time on the weekend. The food was excellent pizza, veal dishes and pasta we really enjoyed by all. The service was excellent. It was lively inside the decor is great and you'd never know you were in Thornhill. We would all definately go back again.

    By: non-member

    Try Harder

    There is no questioning that the service is downright embarrassing. It's a bunch of amateurs with no one solid taking the lead. This is an obvious problem as it's a growing trend on this message board. The food was hit and miss. Nothing spectacular, but not horrible either. The atmosphere is cramped, too many tables stuffed into the small, poorly designed dining room. If the service was more professional and attentive and the execution of the food a little more focused I would definately go back. But as for now, this place sucks.

    By: JamesCh

    First time visit and probably the...

    Just came from dinner at Stonefire Bar & Grill. At first glance, this restaurant is lovely. After that it was downhill all the way. Three separate waiters gave us the same information before our order was actually taken. When the entrees arrived, the server had no clue who ordered what and we were only 4 people at our table! My husband requested more bread to dip into his pasta sauce and the waiter said it was being baked. But, it never arrived. The same waiter asked if we would like to see the dessert menu. We agreed but it too never arrived. After about 20 minutes we decided that it was too late to order dessert (since we never did see the menu) and it was time to leave. The waiter could have cared less. No one ever came by to ask if we needed anything, if we liked our food or if we wanted more wine. The food was just mediocre so the chance of us returning is pretty slim. For the price of the entrees, I'd suggest going downtown in Toronto where the service is far superior and the food tastes good enough to warrant $34 entrees.

    By: sushigirl128

    OK food, slow service

    When we arrived at the restaurant at 6:30, we were told we would be seated momentarily. Instead we waited 30 minutes.It was another 30 mins to get a drink and 60 minutes (8pm) before our food arrived. I had a shrimp and scallop pasta dish special. No one told me it was going to be made with microscopic bay scallops. My husband was charged $4 to get mashed potatoes instead of roasted.

    The decor is nice and we will give it one more try before we give up on it. The bread served was excellent. I do think everything is overpriced.

    By: non-member

    Ok food, Very bad service.

    Have been to the restaurant a few times. The food was ok, the only great thing was the Pasta. Every time we had to wait for a table, and to get served. The food came out way too slow. I would have hoped that the service would improve but unfortunately no. I'm not sure if it is worth going back there.

    By: non-member

    Average Food, Mediocre Service, Poor...

    I live in Thornhill Woods and have been to this restaurant several times. While the service was horrendously slow when they first opened (not unusual for a new restaurant) it has improved marginally, although still not great.

    The real problem is the food. First, it`s overpriced. I was there a couple weeks ago and someone in our party ordered the pasta special (making the mistake of not asking the price). When the bill arrived, we were charged 29.95 for a fairly basic pasta dish. No truffles, no lobster. These price issues extend to much of the rest of the menu.

    Secondly, the food is just average, and in some cases below that.

    By: non-member

    Fantastic evening at Stonefire

    This was our first time trying this local restaurant. We had not read any reviews before going so we did not have any expectations. When we came home, after having such a good time, we decided to post a review and when we saw some of the other reviews, we felt that those who wrote the reviews should stick to providing more constructive feedback than providing personal attacks on the staff.
    Upon our first entering, the decor was impressive. It had a very downtown fine dining feel to it. Even the design of the menus matching the interior design was a nice touch to the details paid to the surroundings.
    Arriving at 9:00pm, we requested a booth for the two of us and got what we wanted right away.
    The menu was interesting and everything looked tempting. Our server was very courteous, patient and attentive. We did not have to wait long for our food and it was all delicious.
    The dessert was especially good in that we wanted crepes but were warned that the...

    By: NicePeople


    ... I encourage review readers to bear in mind that negative reviews may be the workings of competitors or kvetches-from-birth! Remember: Those with low self-esteem will often try to elevate themselves by debasing others. I've visited Stonefire at least a half-dozen times, and will drop by many more times in the future. I found the owner and staff to be extremely personable and courteous. The establishment is spotless - the decor is exquisite - the food is beautifully presented and exceptionally tasty - the wait staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable - and the price is right!

    By: wwGINCHww


    We also went in spite of the reviews. Arrived early on a Friday night because they didn't take reservations. Everyone hostess wait staff, people in the bar were extra friendly and pleasant. The food was great and I 'd love to go back , but the attitude from the owner was totally unacceptable. When we arrive the place was about one quarter full and we were placed in a draft. The waitress said her hands were tied, she had to follow policy. The owner said they had to fill those seats first and keep all the lovely booths for larger parties and people that arrived later. Had we complained louder and earlier he probably would have changed us, so basically it was our fault for being polite to the waiterss.
    I've spoken to several people that eat out as regularly as we do and no matter how good the food, they will not be trying Stonefire. I was just checking to see if I was being unreasonable. Maybe when we see a change of management sign, as there is bound to be if there is no change in attitude, we'll try again.

    By: Johanna

    Impressive food

    My husband, inlaws and I were here for dinner a couple weeks ago. We all really enjoyed our food. I had the rosemary chicken which was very moist and flavourful. You could actually taste and smell rosemary! Mmmm. My inlaws had steaks which they raved about, and my husband enjoyed his burger and fries. The ambiance was okay, I think it would be better if it felt a bit cozier. The service was also excellent. Highly recommend giving it a try for a special occasion, treat, or if you can afford to, go all the time!

    By: non-member


    Having read the reviews buy other diners I nearly did not go to this restaurant, but decided to form my own opinion.

    We were greeted warmly by the hostess and seated. The waitress was attentive and helpful.

    The food was delightful and the the soup and drinks served quickly. The delay in serving the entree was minimal, and we will certainly return

    By: bighal

    decent food............horrendous...

    We ordered take-out from stonefire and was told it would be 45 minutes. We got there and the order wasn't even put in. AFter over an hour and half and unbelievable attitude from the owner himself we finally got our food. While the food was decent I don't think i have ever had such bad service. Too many good restaurants out there to even think about going back to this place. Found out from friends that this was a pretty typical experience. Good luck Stonefire staying in business with this kind of service!

    By: mibdc

    attitude city

    went with my husband - totally disappointed. it started when we walked in - the "hostess" gave us attitude eyeing us up and down. it reminded me of when we used to go clubbing. there was a line for some people and then those who walked right in. the woman needs a mirror. while the food was okay, the service was far below what we are accustomed to. we love to try to restaurants both here and abroad. we always try to have no expectations going in so that we can get a true experience. perhaps it started with the arrogant attitude of the hostess or the horrible long service. doesn't matter - we will not be going back. at least mcdonalds offers free smiles.

    By: travelbunny
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