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Summerfield Dog Training

22586 123 Ave
Maple RidgeBC
V2X 4E2
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    I was told I had an aggressive boxer (Maggie who is a year old) by another trainer.. Maggie seemed to not like other dogs and since we are getting another boxer pup for Christmas I thought time to get a second opinion.. Oh my God.. Brenda was amazing.. In a hour and a half session.. I have a dog who is not aggressive at all.. just confused..and I am the problem not her. Don't waste your money on other trainers.. She is amazing!!!!!!

    By: debster1111

    Summerfield Dog Training

    I trained my dog with Brenda over 11 years ago. At that time my very naughty and strong german shepherd ruled the house and my life. After the first meeting with Brenda, my dog was changed. I continued to go to lessons for 2 years, not only for obedience training, but also for agility training and friendships. My dog is a part of our family and loves my 4 kids and husband more than anything...she even loves the cats! I thank Brenda for doing her job and not tippy toeing around the dogs, they need to be broken and taught manners. She does just that and I have had an incredible dog for the last 10 years thanks to Brenda. Now with not so many years left in my aging dog, I will definately look Brenda up again for training our new dog, when that day comes. Thanks!

    By: mydog7

    Brenda rocks!!!!!

    Brenda has done wonders for my pooch. After having a very aggressive and dominate 90lb dog. She made him into the great family dog he is today. Yes she had to use a choke collar on my dog, but guess what not only is he perfect on and off leash now he can't wait to see Brenda. He no longer is dominating other dogs, showing aggression and comes every time he is called when off leash. After dealing with three other trainers she was the only one to get my dog under control and my dog loves her to death! THANK YOU BRENDA FOR DOING SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!

    By: Treehugger

    Fan of Brenda

    I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I will only comment on my own personal experiences with Brenda Layfield.

    I have used Branda's services for nearly 10 years. I have brought two dogs to Brenda for training as well as I have boarded my dogs with her when I've had to go out of town. While in her care I found the dogs to be well cared for and would not hesitiate to board them with Brenda again.

    I have never seen shock collars being used during classes and have seen choke collars used by all different types of trainers, not only Brenda. On Brenda's suggestion we switched one of our dogs to a prong collar because she was hurting herself by pulling through every other type of collar (flat included)that we had tried. The prong is the ONLY collar our dog hasn't tried to pull through and before someone comments about it I would never do anything that would even remotely cause my dog pain!

    By: red72
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    22586 123 Ave




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