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1150 Wharncliffe Road South
N6L 1K3

Home furnishings retail stores including furniture, mattresses, home appliances and home electronics



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    Great Delivery, Horrible Service

    My wife and I purchased all our appliances from Tepperman's. Washer, drier, fridge, stove and dishwasher. We were looking to buy a new set of washer and dryer, but the salesperson gave us a deal on a floor model. When I asked if there was anything wrong with them the answer was, "No, it's just last year's model". He also gave us a good deal on a dishwasher as it was also a floor model. So far so good.

    The delivery of the appliances went well also. All appliances were delivered on time and the delivery people were great.

    When we arranged for a plumber to install our dishwasher he noticed that it was delivered with bent and broken latches, missing manual, missing electrical plugs and missing cover connector. It's not a lot of fun trying to install a new dishwasher without any information and other missing parts as you can imagine. The plumber had to charge us extra time for getting all of the required parts (latches had to be replaced) which...

    By: cp210


    I posted a comment about the poor customer care we received from this company on Friday and Sunday of this past week.
    I sent a copy of the email to Noah Tepperman and also posted here on this site.
    Monday morning a call came from Tepperman's and they were very apologetic and did satisfy our concerns She actually listened to our complaints with an open mind and and with a commitment to allowing logic to prevail.
    We also received a nice email from our sales rep Scott ( whom we have grown to trust and appreciate). His email showed us that he values us as much as we value him.
    It was unfortunate that this came to such a situation which was totally preventable. However, we appreciate the good business sense they have shown us and we will once again shop with them, when we are back in the market.
    Warm Regards
    Darla and Garth Riley

    By: non-member

    Logic and the process don't match

    Dear Noah
    We have been a loyal customer of Teppermans since we moved to London 19 months ago.
    That all changed Friday July 17.

    This whole story began on 13 July. We were looking for two end tables for our bedroom and found two in the annex and spoke to Scott who has been our sales person before. We placed the order and we are about to go to pick them up at the pickup spot at your store. On our way out of Annex we happened to see a love seat and we sat down and discussed it with Scott and decided that we wanted to buy it. Scott mentioned that our order with delivery was close to $1000 and if we hit $1000 we could get 2 years on that purchase. We decided that we would look for something that we could add to order. We found a lamp.
    We were informed that we would not be getting a floor model of the loveseat or end tables as you have stock of them. So we had no reason to think it was a floor model sale.

    We received delivery of the loveseat and the end...

    By: non-member

    Waiting Too Long!

    I purchased a dresser. The problem was waiting to pay for it. With only 2 personnel working on a weekday afternoon and both of them dealing with finance customers, I had to wait in line for too long for service. There should have been another person to help in this situation. Then there was an additional wait for the dresser to get to the pick-up area. There needs to be a better system for pick-ups. The dresser could have been at the pick-up area by the time I got there if the order was put through for pick-up at payment time.
    With both delays the time waiting was an hour which is way too long for a simple purchase.

    By: non-member


    Employees were very friendly and accommodating. Person who came to our apartment in Grand Bend to take care of a problem with our table was super friendly and the repair was exceptionally well done. He also repaired a scratch on an end table. He offered to return if we discovered any other problems with the many items we purchased.
    We found pricing to be very competitive. We did check at other stores before purchasing from Teppermans. We liked the fact you are a wholly owned Canadian company. Not a negative thing regarding all of your employees we dealt with. Keep up the good work.
    John & Della

    By: johndella

    Installation of Washer/Dryer

    Teppermans really should train their appliance delivery people to install their appliances correctly. I purchased a washer and dryer at the beginning of May and just this week(May 29), after taking three days off, have Tepperman's finally sent two people who actually knew how to install the appliances correctly on the pedestals. The original delivery people just set the appliances on top without bolting them down, then an actual Whirlpool person had to come to diagnose the problem, then Tepperman's sent two great guys (brothers, Ron and James from Truck Eight), who corrected the problem. Too bad these two weren't sent out FIRST, or maybe should train the other delivery people!

    Other than this major headache for me, the lady from Tepperman's customer service, Karen, was terrific to deal with.
    M. Wheatley

    By: non-member

    Great company!

    My husband and I have been shopping at Tepperman's, both in London and Sarnia, for over 20 years. We have always had great service with no complaints. The staff are knowledgeable, but we have never felt pressured or like we have been "pitched" a product. We now live closer to London so we deal with that branch now. Today we bought a range.....the old one died. Wioletta took care of us quickly and efficiently. Marie at the front desk was friendly and efficient, and got us on our way quickly. We would recommend Tepperman's to anyone!

    By: JulieL

    Excellent Service and Quality

    Received my order ( a dining set )on time and delivery guys were very friendly and professional! Sales staff were also very helpful but not pushy which is a refreshing change! Some say that Teppermans is pricey but all the other stores we visited were more expensive for the same quality table!

    Highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality furniture!

    By: non-member

    Exceptional service

    We purchased a new Samsung refrigerator and had it delivered all within 24 hours, or less. Great experience with the sales staff at the store, delivery the next morning was exceptional and our call for pickup of the old appliance went seamlessly within the hour after delivery. One exception to note, was a lack of explantion about a rubber hose on the back of the refrigerator, what to do with it, no mention made at delivery. I'll call the store next day to follow-up.

    By: non-member

    wrong piece

    Ordered a sectional sofa on March 7,2014, we were told it would take 6 weeks. It was 8 weeks but that was ok. We were excited to get it and finally finish our new rec room. Delivery was May 16 so we made arrangements for someone to be home for the three hour window when the truck would be in our area. Sadly one piece of the sectional was not the proper piece so we had no corner. We talked with customer service and we were told the mistake was on their end and they had the proper piece in stock but we would have to wait another week for them to deliver it and pick up the mistaken piece. We really wanted to get our room together so we offered to come and get the piece at the store that night. As we did not have enough help to carry the mistaken piece out of our basement at the time we thought they could pick it up at their convenience. We were told that they could not have a piece of merchandise out of the store that was not paid for (remember this was their mistake) and therefore...

    By: treatedbadly

    Gret Job

    My furniture was delivered by two men John and Craig. They did a wonderful job and even carried my couch out onto the front lawn for removal. Also my Salesman was very helpful his name is Jeremy Bobet. thanks and i will return in the future.

    By: non-member
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