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The Brick

2999 Grandview Hwy
V5M 2E4



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    horrible service -

    horrible, horrible service , staff is rude, I bought a bedroom suite mid-may. I was told it will be available end of May. The Bed was delivered twice, LATE, end of June, head board broken. The 3rd time the Brick delivered the bed, installation was not done properly the bed broke. It's a month and a half later I still don't have my bed and I am getting a run around from customer care and delivery department. I have sent pictures of the broken bed twice to call centre, no body is calling me back. It has been a FRUSTRATING time for me. I will never deal with Brick even if they were giving furniture for free away. The staff is so RUDE, unbelievable. I would advise people go elsewhere.

    By: non-member

    Don't expect to get what you bought

    I went to the brick and spent 2200$ on a couch! In this economy that is a lot of money to spend so you'd expect some customer service and quality for that money, however at the brick there was none of this! We waited over a month for our couch and by the time it came it was missing half the prices to the sectional. After 2 weeks of calling them to find out when it would come and having them give me dates that came and went to drop it off, I had enough. At this point they finally admitted that the couch no longer is manufactured and we weren't getting it. There solution was to give us a new couch, but that one was completely different and didn't fit when they sent it, so after giving them a third chance, this guy mike offered me a more expensive couch for a lot less. I was happy until they called me to finalize the delivery and told me that to would actually have to give them 200$ more! I demanded to speak to mike who said the number he gave me was before a bunch of bogus fees! So there solution was to lie to get me to spend more! This place shouldnt be allowed to gouge people like they do! If you are thinking of going there DONT! Fake service to charge you as much as possible till ur out the door then they just dont care

    By: non-member


    The ABSOLUTE WORST furniture shopping experience in my life!
    We bought a sofa and tv and the manager promised us that if we found it cheaper elsewhere they would match the price. 2 days later we found the tv for $100 less at future shop and went back to get the discount. The manager took us into his office (so that he could hide what he was about to do from all the other customers) and basically admitted that he lied and blamed it on US. I was furious and went to the customer service area to tell the other customers about what happened. The manager threatened to call the police! I told him that the police won't fix the problem for lying to his customers. We didn't think it was worth the trouble anymore so we left. NEVER BUY from the BRICK again!

    By: mrswinston

    True lies

    Placed a telphone order:

    1. telephone representative gave an incorrect delivery date, probably to clinch the sale ... item was in fact not available until a month later

    2. it took numerous calls to get order cancelled once we noted the above discrepancy ... reps and manager promised call backs, which did not materialize

    Overall, a very negative and stressful experience.

    By: BevAnn

    Dont buy any mattress from this place!!!

    We spent almost $2000.00 on a mattress set (+frame if we wanted the 10 year warranty) the first mattress came dirty, then they brought us another one that had cuts in the material from a utility knife...then...1 year later and the mattress has a huge dent in it in the middle, and the sides are all sloping down due to the springs not working there is the warranty claim, like others this service is terrible...a man comes to your home, and then looks for any marks or stains on the mattress because if he sees the SMALLEST mark he told me that I WILL NOT get a new mattress...then he went on to tell me that if he signs the form saying that there is no marks on it, but the store sees any, HE has to pay for the mattress...I said 'That's not my problem, my mattress is my problem, and if you told me that you were NOT going to sign the form, I would then start the process of suing the Brick for an new mattress. These guys are professional rip-off artist's and I...

    By: Pacifica


    I purchased $2,300 worth of furniture. They screwed up on my delivery, continued to call the wrong number even though I gave them the correct one, delivered me a broken coffee table TWICE, forgot to include the dvd player in the order then later told me that I would have to pick it up as it is too small to deliver. On top of that I tried to exchange an item because it wouldn't fit in my apartment and they told me that once something is paid for it's a final returns or exchanges!! Everyone I talked to was extremely rude. DO NOT ever shop here, the customer service is horrible and the prodcuts are cheap garbage!

    By: non-member
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