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The Brick

1487 Regent Ave W

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    Bad customer service and false...

    Really annoyed with the customer service they are way to slow at addressing my issue. we bought a all leather couch and the 5 yr warranty that is supposed to cover "everything we can think of" from here and it is tearing at the stitching all over and now they're jerking us around and saying they're not sure if that is covered.we may have bought this so called 5yr insurance for nothing at all as it seems to me.The person that sold us the couch assured us that everything we could think of would be covered, sure doesn't seem that way to me.

    By: non-member

    beware at the brick!

    Last July 2009,I bought tv, sectional, etc...around 3000.00.Mr George Glesmann assured me that I will not pay a penny for for 15 months. I got my bills,I was charged with insurances,interests etc.At the brick, they never explained that to me.Now, they told me can't do anything about it!I called CitiFinancail who is sending me the bills, I was advised to request cancellation.Cancellation???In the first place I never applied that??Rigth now, I can't get hold of anybody at the brick who can do something about it, George said its not his job, its customer service, and customer service said, she can't do anything too and she told to talk to Frankie Garcea,somehow, I never get a chance to speak with him,everytime I called he is not there. When I went there, he is not there as well..This is my 3rd billing, I tried addressing this when I first received the my bill....

    By: arjs



    went shopping at the St. James location and found a bed we loved. went home to do some measurements and called the Regent location, since they are closer, to ask for measurements on the bed we are interested in.

    Got a guy named George who said not a problem, that he would call us back asap with the measurements we wanted.

    an hour passes by and no call back, so we called the regent location again and this time got a guy named Dan. Dan didn't even let us go, put us on hold for barely a minute and came back with the measurements we asked for. How hard was that?

    Long story short, we never heard back from George, not even a courtesy call. If you decide to go with the Brick at the Regent location, don't give George your hard earned money, go with a different sales person or a different store all together.

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    1487 Regent Ave W




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