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    Closing weekend Of Cirque Du Soleil

    I wanted to show Rob the new bridge that they built on the waterfront as I saw the unveiling a few days ago on City TV. So we headed down to the harbourtfront centre. They had Cirque Du Soliel, 1000 tastes of Toronto and Luminato! It was awesome.. we had a beer at the HTO park was warm, sunny and the most perfect day. The harbourfront is my most favorite place in the city.. there is always something going on.

    By: jennifer



    WOW!! You had a really busy weekend eh!! :)

    I also saw the CTV report and I wanted to get down there so badly for the Cirque event!! I heard from a few people that it was amazing!! Did you get to see the show?


    no..not the major show.. it was at 9:00pm.. I was tired after being out in the sun all day. They had mini shows during the day... that was cool to see!

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