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The Wokker Restaurant

360 Lakeshore Road West

At "The Wokker", our highly trained chef's take great care in creating our special menus, which feature: Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. We use only the freshest ingredients, combined with the skillful culinary expertise of our chefs, we are able to create a variety of exceptional dishes.



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    I've been eating at the wokker since I moved to Port Credit in 2000. The service is quick and friendly, the food is always good and the manager is always avaliable for complaints or compliments


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    My mother and her friend ate in this restaurant. They ordered the Cantonese Chicken with Noodles and they both got severely ill, with bloody diarrhea and vomiting. When the restaurant was called, we were called liars! We called Peel Public Health to do the investigation. DO NOT EAT IN THIS RESTAURANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • By: NEMESIS
      Check your claim
      September 23rd, 2008

      To report something like this and possibly ruin the reputation of this eating establishment, make sure that you can back up a claim like this before you announce to the world not to eat here.

      Make sure that you have doctor reports, lab tests, etc. to back up your claim, or it's completely futile on your part.

      The food poisoning could have been a result of something your mother and her friend had before they went to the Wokker. I hope you know that food poisoning doesn't occur until 2-6 hours after consumption of the responsible food. Like I said, I hope you can back up your claim before you decide to announce to the world not to eat at this restaurant.

      Also, if you're so darn intent on submiting a negative review (like this one), don't hide by submitting a review as a non-member. It's pathetic.

    • By: BOOP
      Horse Pucky
      March 12th, 2009

      I've been eating at the Wokker Lakeshore for about 5 years on at LEAST a biweekly basis and have NEVER had a bad meal there. Yes its lacking in decor, yes its home to a few local barflys and yes the owner does oogle my girlfriend from time to time when she goes there to pick up our food but it has ALWAYS been top notch and well priced. As the previous poster said, CHECK YOUR FACTS!


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    360 Lakeshore Road West

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