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triOS College (Head Office)

55 City Centre Drive, 2nd Floor
L5B 1M3

Private career colleges are considered by the Provincial Government to be private businesses and are not subject to the same quality control of staff or curriculum as provincial colleges or universities are, and are governed by the Private Career Colleges Act , 2005.



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    RSA...not a smart move

    Hey RSA....removing my comment for your story is not going to stop me telling the truth. This just confirms you are indeed an employee of trios and not a student. Let try this again. Never heard of a councillor position at Brampton campus. Im studying at brampton too. The only time we know that the regional director is around is when we get an heads up from the instructor to wear the stupid lanyard. The campus director needs to address more student issues than flirting with the ladies over there. We dont even have a proper room for occupational therapy lab.we are moved from one room to another like dogs. The ministry should do surprise audits to enforce strict rules and policies. Also trying to bribe students with timbits and doughnuts before student survey is horrible. Im pretty sure they bribed someone outside to earn the best managed company award too. Im so mad for choosing this pta/ota program which is not accredited. The only place you probably get hired is clinics which only...

    By: slamgurl

    Life at triOS college - Worth my time...

    I would love to share my experience at triOS as a student.

    I took time to research a lot and got opportunity to avail free (yes, I did not pay for it) qualitative training from Canadian government sponsored institution well before I booked the tickets to Canada. After my landing, sailed through 17 telephonic interviews, 5 personal interviews and 4 selections (support /commission jobs) within first 2 weeks of landing. With excellent exposure to logistics and IT development back home, I got a casual job (in nights)in the 2nd month with Canada's largest logistics company (and they me confirmed after 4 months) without any issue. I, however, did not loose my focus about my long-term goals and decided to go to school after some more research. Researched deep about the institutions and the curriculum, networked with professionals, attended job workshops + career fairs and personally went to the institutions to seek information.

    I'd called on triOS college,...

    By: rsa

    why triOS college was a BIG BAD JOKE

    I am a "graduate" of this so called college (Mississauga campus)
    it was the biggest mistake of my life. I do give 10 out of 10 for customer service skills, their co called educational consultants are very charming and friendly and you do get personalized service, "promise land is just around the corner if you can just sign your name and agree to a $13,000 OSAP loan for a medical office assistant diploma+internship which by the way does not guarantee a job at a medical clinic or at hospitals". First of all, I have had two teachers who are incapable of teaching, they hate it when you start asking a question that is relevant to the subject being taught, that accounting teacher is so dumb he hates questions, and if he does answer you its, "okay i am not going to answer that question because i have no time for that" or " go read the book" that, is his best line.They let anyone into the college as long as you can pay for it,or in my case as long as you...

    By: girlboss

    Dont waste your money or time

    Please do not take the PTA OTA program here. Im a present student studying here. Just found out with some major health care facilities for internship opportunities. The list of colleges only include community colleges with full accreditation status. I found out they will no even hire students from trios college. They tried to sell the PTA program with candidacy status which is useless at this point. Please consider taking the program at Humber college or other community colleges instead.

    By: bramstyle

    Trios Brampton Campus

    I am a past student of the Trio Brampton Campus and I honestly would not recommend anyone to this College. It is a ripoff. All about the money and when you have completed they promise to assist you in seeking jobs by bringing in employment agencies to their so call job fairs. It is ridiculous. Even the instructors do not grade students on how well you do in exams. You are graded base on how they think of you. I have never seen anything like this in all my years of colleges. Trios College is a joke, that's how I see it. My advise to potential students out there is to get enroll in government colleges. The courses maybe longer but you will reap the benefits.

    By: Bramptongirl

    An easy diploma

    This is a diploma factory. They don't actually care about you learning as long as they get your money. It's an easy diploma. It took me under a year to get get a diploma and I showed up for two, may three, days a week. As long as you don't miss five consecutive days, you won't get kicked out.

    If you want a lot of debt, but a quick and easy diploma. This is this place. Seriously, I can't stress how easy this place is to get a diploma.

    By: non-member

    Don't Do It At Trios

    Pass their easy qualifications tests for entering Trios takes 5-10 minutes, fill in all the contract info., give them your money, and you're in. Get into class and listen to the instructor speaking like he/she has the talents of an auctioneer as you're left behind with unanswered questions as you fall behind. Don't worry the college instructors, etc.. will tell you you'll be fine, and day two will be a repeat of day one only giving you more information to study as the instructor speaks like an auctioneer and don't forget to pay the lady (Trios) on your way out. Did you understand that? No, that's ok you'll have your financial losses to keep you company, and you'll not be wiser, just more poor and feeling ripped off.

    By: non-member

    Well Well.......This is Interesting.

    I have been reading reviews about different private colleges and (assuming that such reviews hold some majority in the said institution) found most of them to have had been, to an extent, dishonest about various aspects of what they sell and how effectively do they do it. It is common sense that private colleges or any college for that matter operates for making money just as any other business would.

    Now, whether they are subject to any regulation at all or not, we need to know that institutions with limited resources have limitations when it comes to the quality of education. You may have a very good teacher for a course at the same college where students in another classroom with a different course may find their teacher to be incompetent. I am not comparing a college who has a whole floor of a building to itself such as tRiOs, with a college that has an entire building to operate in or more than one such as Humber. My point is that smaller institutions have less...

    By: non-member

    TriOS = Sub-standard Education,...

    TriOS College wants your OSAP or Second Careers funding money and once you enrol in the College, will do ANYTHING to keep that money and don't care what happens to you as a student.

    For example, if you express ANY concern with regards to the sub-standard quality of instructors, or that all the instructors do is tell students specifically what is on the exam instead of teaching the breadth of course material, they WILL target you for "personal" harassment which is different from harassment under the Human Rights Code. This can include: instructors verbally attacking you within the classroom environment, marking you absent when you are in fact present, giving lower grades than that which you as the student has earned, refusing to grant meetings necessary to prepare for internship, and doing everything possible to have your OSAP or Second Career Funding cancelled so you are not financially able to complete your program. All of this is done to enable them to...

    By: FutureRuined

    Current Student

    after researching many colleges, I decided to go with Trios. In my opinion I wanted to attend school with mature adults, not children. Just like a career, you need to work for what you want in life. don't expect to take a course, and land an immediate job, or believe your worthy of a job all because you have a diploma. Volunteer, Network, and look for a job, don't expect someone else to do it for you. If you don;t know the answer ask questions. The instructors are generally professional with a background in what they teach, and will assist you long after graduation. Typically the ones who are complaining are likely people who depend on others or lack interviewing skills, or maybe have no work experience to begin with. I have not completed my program yet but been contacted by 5 different companies for full time work. I live in a city with a high unemployment rate, so I am pretty sure employment is not based on where you go to school.

    By: non-member

    Knock it off with the complaining...

    triOS is a great school, I had tons of fun, learned a lot and was offered a job from my internship. I turned down the job because of family issues, but I am sure I will get something again when I am ready.

    My campus director and instructor both really emphasized how important it is to volunteer while in school. It helps network while you build your skill set. You need to take charge of your education. I had a Community Service Worker diploma, so it was less than one year and I was competing for a job with people who went to school for way longer, they had SSW and BSW and sometimes MSW... I STILL GOT OFFERED A JOB! Take control of your own future and learning and you will do just fine, its a good school that teaches important material and the instructors really care about you.

    By: non-member

    Trios College Toronto Location

    Hi I am a second career student and I am taking Network Specialist at Trios at Sherbourne Toronto Location
    Thi is what my experience has been
    The customer service is not the greatest, we have only one teacher for the entire course that does not speak english well at all and does not explain at all numerous students have gone to the Director of Toronto site and nothing has been done to change this situation. The courses are very fast and you need to put another 3 to 4 hours at home in order to stay on track the books are great and the organization in the school is top notch but unfortunately the most important component in the school the teachers are below standards and the college has received various complains but no changes has been made.
    Also the computers are below standards for example one of my courses in order to do the labs which is the most important part to learn we need it a machine with minimum 8GB RAM and visrtualization support, but we all we had was 4GB...

    By: non-member

    Trios will screw you over

    I went to Trios Hamilton Campus. You are paying close to seventeen grand for a waste of time. I took the law clerk program and everyone in my class including myself will say its a waste of time and money. The instructors dont know what they are talking about, the text books you receive are not the proper books you need to be learning out of. I did the law clerk plus internship and the school went through three internshpi co ordinators in a worth of three months and somehow they lost my hours and I had to start all over again. Free work for another two months. Dont go here Its a waste. There were about twenty people in my class and probably only five out of those twenty actually got a job after school.Take my word for it go to somewhere creditable like Mohawk for your Law Clerk Diploma.

    By: triosblows

    Future triOS Student

    triOS may not give information on tuition but if you do your research you can find the information. Check out the Service Ontario website.
    triOS is an accredited private college just choose your program wisely. I did a lot of research before choosing the school and I was also a Sheridan College student in my first term, Sheridan was the worst experience ever. It is not always private colleges that are a scam, you just have to find the right school and program for yourself.
    I will do another review once I start the school and actually see what is going on but for now I have no complaints.

    By: non-member

    Valuable Information

    When I am researching which educational facility would give me the best education, the best experience, and the best environment for my needs, it's important to give yourself all the information. What that means is simply, cost is only one part of the big picture of getting the education for a job. There is much to be said about the whole learning experience, because you will not only finish with a piece of paper, you will also take with you a whole new world of knowledge and experience that will shape your future. Give yourself all the information needed, before making a very important life long decision. In other words, "Why do you not want to meet for an appointment? Is it because you don't care about anything but that piece of paper? Is it because you don't care about the learning environment, the people involved in the behind the scenes decision making of the running of the school? Is it because you aren't sure if you can afford it? That's why you go, to...

    By: non-member

    trios college a scam

    If you are in contact with this school run the other way you will not get anything close to a worthwhile education nor one that will help you find work in your chosen field

    In fact most employers will smirk when they see Trios College under education on your resume and won't hire you for this very reason

    By: triosscam

    triOS Grad

    I graduated from triOS College 13 months ago. I was able to return to the workforce almost immediately. My time with triOs was very enjoyable and my whole course was very well organized to suit my needs. The campus that I attended always ensured that the students were kept up-to-date with all matters. There was always an activity which included all the students and tutors. This enabled everyone to get to know each other, make lasting friendships, share knowledge and make the college a place you would look forward to attending every day - a family like atmosphere. If certain people were unhappy with triOS it was because they went there with their pessimistic attitudes in the first place. Unhappy people should not try to spread their negativity to other people and then turn round and degrade the school which they had chosen to attend in the first place. They should remember that they are at triOs to learn and improve themselves and enhance their skills so that they can go out in the real world and present themselves in an educated manner.

    By: non-member

    triOS College Grad

    For me personally, triOS met all my needs. I was very satisfied with the college, my instructors and the sequence in which my courses were scheduled. My accounting instructor was always on hand even after school.

    People who complained about triOS are just unhappy with themselves and went to the college with a bad attitude in the first place. In life, it is each to their own, and if someone wants to attend a college like triOS, that is their perogative. Complainants should have appreciated what knowledge they would have acquired at the college so when they returned to the real world it would be with a positive attitude and outlook.

    I consider that negativity towards triOS by discontented people will not deter others from attending the college.

    By: non-member

    Positive triOS graduate

    I am shocked to see these reviews still posted on this website! In fact, I have spoken to many of my fellow graduates in hopes that they too will come here and post their positive comments to show that not everyone feels this way.

    I have graduated from triOS in 2008 from their Business Administration program and not only did I graduate with Honours, I did not miss a day.
    My instructors were knowledgeable and always willing to help in any way. They went out of their way to find ways to educate every student who asked for extra help and in fact encouraged us to organize study groups to help each other. This not only helped make lifelong friendships but taught us networking, and encouraged people who were shy to speak up and out.

    Quite often, the best way to find out about someplace is to visit the place in question. From the time you walk in the door at the Mississauga campus you will notice a bright and fresh atmosphere. You...

    By: triOSgrad


    I decided to attend this place because I was interested in a legal program, having had a higher education from university I thought this would be a good addition to my resume and career choice. As it turned out I found the organization of this school horrible for the program I was taking, it has not yet been approved on the LSUC as a legitmate Paralegal program and doubt it ever will be ( they only have until Jan. 2010). The tutition for this program was not worth the cheap and outdated equipment, software programs and tiny building and rooms that holds far too many students and programs than is comfortable and highly unprofessional. This place seriously lacks any integrity with how they treat complaints, questions from students and students themselves, they have a bad career counselling team who are too unqualified and niave to really help thier students into thier chosen field successfully.
    The whole point of this school is to get and continue getting as much governement...

    By: eagle88
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