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    They totally ruined our wedding!!! Showed up half an hour late and blamed us!! The driver didn't have an itinerary after we sent it three weeks ahead of time with specific details!! I had to direct the driver everywhere at my own wedding!!! After being late he decided to continuously go on smoke breaks to waste more time. He ran red lights and talked on his cell while driving...Sue the manager didn't seem to care and said "we do not refund.. nobody does"

    By: wedding2012


    By: DALLAS123

    They left us stranded 1 hour away from home and lied to us!! They are liars and cheaters!!

    I hope you told all your friends about them like we are.

    I am sorry to hear about your night...I feel for you


    I am getting their name published in paper and on tv about how bad they are and how bad they scammed us last weekend.

    I am also telling every person I know so they never use them.

    WORD OF MOUTH travels fast!

    Because they wont refund half of our cash they are going to lose SO MUCH they will wish they did the refund.


    We paid, we sent our itinerary in, we spoke with one of the Owners Sue Flimos on 5 ocassions. One of which was only 4 days away from the wedding! We were assured everything was in order and that we would be receiving their newest 45 passenger limo coach as discussed and CONTRACTED.

    The day of the wedding - Old bus, cracked windshield, no airconditioning, smells like a barn, scratched floors, scratched cabintets, broken bumpers, dirty as hell!

    Spoke to driver who said his boss told him not to move the bus until I paid my balance! I had already paid close to a $1000 downpayment to reserve the bus. (and it wasnt even the bus I was suppose to get!!!)

    What an insult! I never paid the balance and hired to ford excursions from Niagara Limo for half the price and triple the service!!!

    No apologies, no refund, no new bus - nothing but a SCAM and BAIT & SWITCH scenerio to get your money and not the SERVICE.

    This company respects nobody and will NOT provide you with want you paid for!! Check other sites for similar reports!

    By: trademan


    By: DALLAS123

    They refused to give us a receipt and left us stranded downtown 1 hour away from home.

    They made up lies so that they can choose not to refund half the money.

    They should be shut down!!!!!!

    By: DALLAS123

    I hope you told all your friends about their horrible service!!!!!!!!

    They cheated us and lied!!!!

    WE are telling everybody NOT TO EVER BOOK THEM!

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    You saved our daughter's graduation

    Dear Sirs,

    I called your company on June 3rd to get a quote for an SUV limo for my daughter's graduation. I spoke with Sue, who was very helpful and knowledgeable about the different types. She didn't give me a "hard sell" as she understood I was calling around to get an idea of different prices, but she did give me some helpful tips about which limos were older and which were newer.

    I mistakenly went with the least expensive limo company and made an agreement over the phone. As time went by, I began to get a little uneasy - why were they so much less expensive? Were they reliable? Would they show up, or would my daughter and her friends (all of whom are due to be picked up by the limo on the way to their graduation) be left disappointed at the last minute? Yesterday I decided to confirm in writing the deal I had made verbally a few weeks ago. I'm glad I did, because the limo company reneged on the deal and told me...

    By: kksiaze


    This is a quick thank you for the Two of a Kind limo service that we used for our daughter's Sweet Sixteen Event. My daughter and her 10 friends were pleasantly surprised when the Lincoln Navigator pulled up to the house! The driver (Frank) was professional and courteous. He arrived in a timely manner for both pick-up and drop-off. I would definitely recommend your limo service to other people.

    By: nicholn


    TWO OF A KIND IS ONE OF THE WORST VENDOR'S TO EVER DEAL WITH!!! We had contracted to receive transportation services on our wedding day (August 28, 2010). We complied with all requests, including providing the company with an itinerary outlining the "days events" and submitting payment. We had contracted and paid for the coa5-Coach. This was to accommodate 40 people, have a working bathroom, television, refrigerator and glassware to enjoy our champagne that was to be on the 40 passenger bus when it arrived for pick up. Needless to say, the vehicle that arrived was "NOT COMPARABLE" to the few details I provided above that were supposed to be included in our contract. What arrived was a much smaller bus, WITHOUT a bathroom, television, or refrigerator. In fact, this bus didn't even provide a working radio. Furthermore, the "glassware" that was provided, was styrofoam cups which were used (NOT considered glassware by no ones standards with visible...

    By: CPITT



    I just read your ordeal with this "company". I am so sorry to hear about that! What a horrible experience for your wedding! A day to remember for the rest of your life should be a positive experience!

    We booked this company on the weekend and they also sent us a bus and not the Hummer Limo we had pre arranged months prior as promised! Then the driver left us stranded downtown Toronto and we had to get in 2 cabs (10 of us) and pay $240.00 after paying around $650.00 for the one way limo who would not answer our calls to pick us back up!!!! almost $900.00 for a ride from Newmarket to Toronto in 3 hours!!

    I hope our comments help people decide not to book with these scam artists!! They won't give receipts also!! I have read so many bad reviews I wish I read before I booked them and lost hundreds!!

    PS- I lodged a complaint with the BBB and I was the 9th person to do so. Check it out


    We also got ripped off and horrible customer service. Two of a Kind Limos should be shut down!

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