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U-Haul Co Ltd

2275 Barton St E
L8E 2W8

Your moving and storage resource.



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    I called this specific location 1 day prior to pick up to get confirmation to specific questions about a rental and was given information that I agreed with. And then the day of the actual pick up everything changed and apparently the information that I was given was wrong. The day I called the company I confirmed that the person I was talking to was at this specific location and I wrote down his name. And of course when I found out there were issues the day of pick up I called this location back and talked to the SAME person because I asked for his name again and was told that I must have talked to someone from the call center in Arizona that gave me the wrong information. I HAD HIS NAME WRITTEN DOWN from our conversation we had the previous day.
    So apparently U-Haul thinks that they can take advantage of their clients. Well this is one person that will NEVER do business with them again. I had nothing but issues from the beginning and dealing with this location was the icing on the cake!!!!!!!!!
    And of ourse when we went to pick up the truck there was LESS THAN 1/4 tank of this meant that when we brought it back to a different location (1 way rental) it would have the same amount of gas in it well it took extra time to process the paperwork because apparently U-Haul should not be sending rental trucks off the location or accepting returns unless there is a MINIMUM of 1/4 tank of gas. The drop-off location said that there was 150$ penalty that is usually charged. Like I was going to pay the penalty for yet another mistake that was done by these people!!!!!!!
    Maybe they should have people answering the questions that actually know what they are talking about and realise that when someone is going to spend a significant amount of money to use their product that maybe the client deserves the truth when it comes to any questions they might have.


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    2275 Barton St E




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