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U-Haul Co Ltd

2700 Royal Windsor Dr
L5J 1K7

Your moving and storage resource.



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    Great place for a truck with space!...

    I'm a big fan of reviews written by (jennyk), so I was kind of shocked when she slammed the folks at U-Haul on Royal Windsor.

    It appears that she may have gotten a US operator, who down there a debit card is issued by Visa or Mastercard... so no biggie there.

    I needed a mobile storage unit, and an 12' truck from U-Haul fit the bill nicely!

    Anyone else looking for a mobile Meth lab right out of Breaking Bad like me... then U-Haul is the place to go!

    By: coke

    NO NO

    I also tried to book with this company more than a month in advance. Received a confirmation email and everything.Getting closer to the moving date I gave another call to confirm booking just in case. After giving the confirmation number they replied that the booking is there but there won't be any trucks available for that date !! After a while they decided that they can offer a larger truck at the same rate, as it is there mistake. Then the guy told me to come for pick up on Friday night instead of Saturday morning. Since that wouldn't work as I live in a building and have very limited access to parking they agreed that I'd pass to get the keys on Friday night and the truck on Saturday morning.
    Following what have been told, I went Friday night to pick the keys, when they told me that they can't do that ..??? We tried to negotiate different options and it was really tough with their team.
    The gentleman finally offered his final offer which was to take the...

    By: yasueme

    Getting better?

    I read the last review and have many thanks i didn't get the same response. I called, got the automated thing which is kinda annoying, but then pressed 2 for truck rentals and waited a minute before a guy named Darryl came on. He was polite and quick. Got my booking at a good time (booked 3 days in advance for a Saturday). Guess they fired that girl who didn't care for her job.

    By: non-member


    Ok so I'm moving to Toronto in September and decided to book my moving truck early (I've learned from past mistakes that September is a very popular month to move). I called this U-Haul location this morning at about 9:30, looking to get everything set up. No one answered the first two times I called, and after sitting there listening to about 15 rings you don't even get an answering machine (just that weird dialup noise). Finally, after a third try a very bored sounding woman answered the phone and then put me on hold to go get someone who can actually help me (why do you work at U-Haul if you don't know how to set up a reservation?). This "hold" lasted for about 10 minutes before I finally gave up.

    So THEN I called the 1-800-GO-UHAUL number to try booking there. The girl was actually pretty friendly, but when it came down to paying for the truck she was out of her league. The conversation went something like this:

    Uhaul: "So...

    By: JennyK
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    Your moving and storage resource.

    2700 Royal Windsor Dr




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