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Value Village Stores

1824 Bank St
K1V 7Y6

The ultimate treasure hunt.



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    I see tons of people dropping bags of goodies
    on a daily basis. I live very close to it and
    pass by it on my way to work. They have a drop-off
    area where people bring their donations. I don't know
    if they buy from anywhere else but they get tons of
    donations. In order words for FREE. They're overpriced
    on a lot of their items but sometimes you can still find
    a good deal for your buck.


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    ok so for the people previously reviewing and complaining that all the items are donated NO THEY ARE NOT!!!when will people actually shut up and listen,wtf.

    value village DOES NOT GET THEIR ITEMS FOR FREE.THEY BUY all the items from the canadian diabetes foundation.

    they do not get free stuff like the salvation army stores do.value village pays the CDA by the pound.

    btw they pay for the bags before even getting to see whats in them.

    so all those times the CDA comes by and picks up your donated goods and grabs the garbage as well....

    guess what value village has to pay for it.because the CDA pays its drivers by the bags they pick they grab whatever they can.

    i have had drivers for the CDA tell me this.

    value village does care about the community.and not just the local community either.

    all clothing that doesnt sell gets shipped to places like africa and india to be reused by needy.AT VALUE VILLAGES EXPENSE.IT COMES OUT OF THEIR POCKETS NOT YOURS.

    and if u dont like prices being marked up because of theft maybe the next time your in the store shopping and see someone stealing instead of ignoring it and turning away stop the person!!wtf.

    so many times people just turn away. and you know what removing the stickers and switching for other prices is theft too.still makes you a thief.

    as for the bathrooms. yeah they are nasty.people grow the fuck up and quit smearing shit on the walls.these are not kids,they are adult sized hand prints.

    the prices have gone up and management does need to adjust them.i am not going to buy a t-shirt in value village for the same price as i can get it new at walmart.

    but as for the staff they are great.most anyways.there is one supervisor there i hate with a passion. i have heard him complained about by others in the store as well.

    he is arrogant,rude,walks away when asked a question and looks you up and down like you are trash.

    but i love the new head manager who replaced the blond women. big bear of a man. very nice.

    i do find most of the staff is friendly and helpful when treated like humans.

    respect and manners goes a long way people.


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    wow you guys are thief's ppl donate articles of clothing and household items for other ppl to use and enjoy not for your employees to take all the good stuff and mark up the prices to compensate for lost stolen goods by employee greed 30 $ is a little pricey for a pair of used shoes that cost 80$-100$
    60 $ for a jacket come on ppl stop over pricing things greedy bunch 25$ for a frying pan WOW


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    Your store as truly improved since it first opened. However I am very disappointed with the cleanliness of your bathroom. There needs to be hourly checks done and a standrd needs to be set. I do find your prices starting to go up as well. You should remember why most people shop there, they cannot afford to buy items in shopping malls. Please remember that your items are donated when marking prices. It is because of the blessings of others that you even have a business. You should have giving back to your community as priority #1. Looking forward to seeing your future improvements.


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