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Wietzes Toyota

7080 Dufferin Street


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    Bogus Maintenance Service Bill

    HAd my first Maintenance Service performed at Wietzes. Prior to the service, the Service Advisor also told me that the alignment should be checked and that if there was a problem that it would have to be repaired at a cost of $120.00. I asked whether this “should” be done, to which XXXX said yes, explaining that from a safety point of view, it was advisable. Accordingly, I agreed but knew that a check would reveal no issue whatsoever. - Never noticed an issue with alignment - has 29,000kms and is used locally for errands only.

    Precisely an hour and a half later, my car was parked in the waiting area. The bill given to me by the cashier and it was for $517.31. I was astonished to learn the amount but paid the bill and left.
    Upon arriving home, actually looking at the bill and discussing the cost with friends and family, I knew that I had been ripped off. This was for maintenance ie checking break pads, lubing locks, -- stuff like that.
    I am escalating this...

    By: non-member

    nice people

    Always friendly and warm in the facility. Big and nice dealership and I was expecting much different treatment. No pressure at all just down to earth people. I guess it depends on who you deal with, I had a young eastern European girl as a sales rep and she also helped me while I was in service. Overall great experience so far.

    By: nepomnu

    Car from BC needed inspection to...

    I just moved here from BC. I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix the car had to be inspected mechanically and clean air check too to register the car here.I went to Wietzes toyota on dufferin to book an appointment. The service rep Steve A. told me we can do it for you today, but it will take a couple of hours or so. I said okay. The service waiting area was spacious and bright. They have a big screen TV that also shows you where your car is at in the service line up. The staff there are so courteous and very professional. The job was all done right and on quote. Steve A. always made sure and kept me informed of what was happening. They put me at ease about car problems being new here. Now I am going back for my front disc brake to them and I'm sure the job will be done right and on quote. Thanks to Steve A. and his team for a great job on my car.

    By: non-member


    How horrible! I was quoted over $1000 for new parts (and labor) because apparently things ceased to work on my car. I got suspicious and went to another dealership (the car being only 2 years old and in great condition) and got told that NOTHING was wrong, everything was in perfect working order, and that whoever said anything needs replacing was completely mistaken! I will never come back to this dealership ever again, and i seriously urge those who get inspections and such done here to get a second opinion! Its not worth throwing money away! YOU PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS!

    By: papajoe

    Anybody has similar problem with...

    I brought my car in for regular maintainance on Monday morning at 7:00am. Thirty mins after I dropped off my car, the service advisor called me and said my rear brakes needed adjustment. I believed he quoted me ~$39 over the phonefor the service. It turned out to be ~$109 when I received the bill. He insisted that he quoted me $109. I thought that I might have heard it wrong because of being so early on Monday morning. I wouldn't have done if I knew it would cost $109. I am going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. However, I wonder if anybody have similar experience before with this Toyota dealership.

    By: optoguy
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    7080 Dufferin Street

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