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WILDROSE irrigation has served Calgary, Airdrie, and Cochrane since 1997. We are a full service residential and commercial irrigation company. Automated sprinkler systems for landscapes is our specialty!



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    The Start Up is imperative as it is the only time we usually get to check your system thoroughly before it is set to run all summer. There are many reasons to get a WRI technician to start up and inspect your automated irrigations system. A damaged, faulty or even improperly adjusted system can cause thousands of dollars of damage in erosion and/or rotting. A leak or improperly adjusted sprinkler can cause the flooding of one area of the landscape and the drought of another. And we must not forget water staining, water wasting, and the loss of money due to a high water bill. For peace of mind, book an appointment to have a highly trained WRI technician go over your automated sprinkler system. Installing the very best names in parts is crucial. At WILDROSE irrigation we install the best; Rainbird™ and Hunter™. What most customers don't know is that the parts that are necessary for installation are not limited to the brand name sprinkler companies. The plumbing, pipe, valve box, manifold fittings, connections, wire, wire connections and fitting clamps are all from other manufacturers! The total cost of these parts is actually greater than the sprinkler company parts. WRI purchases the best parts in all areas and selects the types of parts that are necessary for a perfect system. Our highly trained crews take care of the entire job from plumbing, to your own personal tutorial on the control panel installed in your service room.

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