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    I like the logo these people have happening. I was excited about it, despite the fact that my father has never, to my knowledge, sported a 'stache. Unfortunately they served my sister and I two of the driest, crumbliest, blandest, ickiest veggie burgers I have seen in my time. This is a feat. I have been veg nearly 10 years and have witnessed the evolution of veg food and even the early veggie burgers weren't this bad.

    Now the service was great. The girls were friendly, quick, and thoughtful which leaves me to believe that, were I a carnivore, this review would be quite different.

    Now to the people resposible for outfitting these girls: those shirts make them look like sausages. Not your fault girls, Kate Moss would look like a sausage in that shirt. Let your ladies wear something flattering!

    great service

    bad burger


    • By: STEPH
      I like your reviews
      August 13th, 2007

      I must say I like your reviews. Always entertaining as well as informative. You make me want to go to this bar even though it is far away. :)

    • By: KAT
      August 13th, 2007

      Thanks! Ill be here all week

    • By: JENNYK
      August 13th, 2007

      my father had a moustache once. i was 7 when i made the mistake of drawing a family portrait and displaying it on the refrigerator. apparently, my dad looked so much like hitler in my masterpiece that he has never sported a moustache since.

      the end.

    • By: KAT
      August 13th, 2007

      that is always a risk with the moustache. they can make you look like a dictator. they can make you look sinister. or jovial. they can even make you look like 1977. what a versatile facial accessory!

    • By: BECCA
      August 17th, 2007

      Indeed quite a crumbly veggie burger. However, the moustache does have the best rooftop patio in all of Halifax, so if you're a patio lover (who isn't?), then I would recommend checking it out. It's an excellent place to share some apps and have a few drinks.

    • By: KAT
      September 27th, 2007

      I AM FEATURED REVIEW I AM FEATURED REVIEW I AM FEATURED REVIEW!!! Also, I have just noticed in the comment above that my sister, Becca, usead the phrase "and excellent place to share some apps". I move out of the house and get a potty mouth, she moves out of the house and goes classy lassy, what gives?


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