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Excellent Experience Thanks to Omar &...

By: jonnyc | September 30, 2014

I am not usually comfortable purchasing a new car - mostly because of previous experiences at other dealerships over the years. Thanks to Omar and Sandra, my experience this time was completely different. Omar had a no-pressure attitude, answered my questions fully and pointed out details I would not have thought to ask about. Sandra's sunny disposition and clear explanations of optional equipment and services were excellent. Well done team!

Dodge 1500 differential warranty...

By: Gerald1951 | September 30, 2014

I have a 2009 Dodge which in the fall of 2013 a recall was issued for a pinion nut possible problem. At that time the vehicle had no differential noise. I took it to Cranbrook Dodge and was advised that there was a problem with the pinion and differential and had to be repaired. After they so called repaired the problem the differential had a howling noise. Three more times it was repaired and it still made a noise. The service manager advised that Chryler Canada was not prepared and they also were not prepared to do any further repairs. TO BAD SO SAD. GO AWAY WAS THERE WAY OF DEALING WITH IT.
Do yourself and favor and do not deal with them.

Cranbrook Dodge

Cranbrook, BC

category: Dodge Dealers - Dealers

Amazing Steak House

By: RealPersonbo | September 30, 2014

Very good food, service and ambience. A haven on a cold rainy Saturday noon. Glad we made reservations as Depanneur DesRoches was full. Bar also looked active. Had an amazing wine from France that was worth the 250$ a bottle and the New Zealand hangar steak airlifted in that morning made the day complete. My respects to Mr Desroches for his 5 star cuisine, hopefully soon you will get the Michelin Star you desire!

their custuoer service and attention...

By: westsidelock | September 30, 2014

The guys showed up and wasted no time impressing me with amazing service and professionalism,
The movers were extremely prompt, polite, efficient, hard-working, careful moving your belongings

friendly employees making an experience like moving a little less overwhelming to the customer.
they are fantastic movers too! I HIGHLY recommend this moving company for moving services!

Thieves. Stay away.

By: bornreliant | September 30, 2014

they say they will recover your taxes and then send you an invoice as soon as they submit to the CRA. If the CRA denies the claim, the NMI people go away and don't return your calls. This is what happened to me. They botched the claim and then we had to pay the taxes AND the NMI fee. We have been chasing them for our money for over a year now. DO NOT USE THEM.

Great Training and Service Provider Firm

By: Elena12 | September 30, 2014

According to me, ECOH is the leading environmental service provider firm. I have taken groundwater testing service from them so that contaminants free groundwater can be used for various purposes. Their team members really offered me great services. I am impressed with their way of providing various environmental services.

Best IT Support

By: WinnieVentur | September 30, 2014

We're glad we found EMITS. Our Internet kept going down and for weeks we kept calling our old IT Support provider. They would tell us the problem was our ISP. After EMITS was called they quickly discovered that the old provider had configured our router incorrectly. Less than an hour after they arrived we had Internet that hasn't gone down since. Thanks!

Tile Shoppe

By: non-member | September 30, 2014

I would like to recommend the service offered by Rob at the Tile Shoppe. We went there to shop for back splash tiles and get some advice on how we might do it ourselves. Rob was very courteous and patience listening to our needs. He showed us how we may use the wet saw to cut tiles. Our back splash now looks very professional, all because of his help. Thank you Rob.
From Alex at Richmond Hill

Tile Shoppe

Newmarket, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers


By: ravelli | September 29, 2014

I have nightmares almost every night I have the repetitive dream that im in a house when im dreaming I know this house like I know my own house though I have never been there before whenever I have this dream which is almost everynight its as if I have a mission or I have the feeling im there to do something but I get confused lost or very scared in the dream it’s a very dark and gloomy setting the way this house looks I would suddenly be fighting with large animals horses or even strange figures I would have night sweats from this now I put it to the side maybe this is nothing maybe its tv or something im eating more time went on about 5 months went by still happening I would also wakeup at weird hours like 6am or 3am on the dot really freaky I had a sick feeling to my stomach I noticed I felt very drainiend very unhappy I started to become depressed I felt just weird I looked on google on dreams there are so many interpretations couldn’t really put it together did some...


Amazing Bridal Shower

By: non-member | September 29, 2014

A couple weeks ago we had my sister in-laws bridal shower. As soon as we decided to use Sunnybrook it was nothing but exceptional service. We were in constant contact, they answered every question we had and made sure we were fully aware of how the day was going to go. During the event it was magical. The maitre'd were amazing and the day went flawlessly. Definitely will use this location again!

Great Customer Service

By: non-member | September 29, 2014

We showed up on the VIP day without an invite and were greeted with big smiles and no problems!!!! We had been looking for a love seat recliner with console for sometime now and were given several options. Tony Bryson the sales consultant was very helpful and informative. He did not pressure us and gave us time to discuss our options. We did make the purchase and it was quick, easy and painless. Thanks Tony for your assistance. Now we just need to wait for our new item to be delivered. Can't wait. Thanks Bad Boy!!!! We will be back.


By: tinkerbelle4 | September 29, 2014

I had tried every diet program going: got the injections, bought the food etc… and would always end up gaining it all back , that is after spending thousands of dollars. Dr. Browns diet is the only one that works long term. His program is not just about losing pounds, it is about understanding how food has in the past and will in the future affect what happens in your body.
He taught me how my sugar levels were climbing because of years of poor food choices and how by watching what I eat would bring the sugar levels down .. and that is exactly what happened. Dr. Brown did an ultrasound and the test showed I had fatty liver, something my GP never considered. My hot flashes have now stopped , I sleep better and overall feel zoo much better. I investigated what the US blood test was about before I agreed to do it. I learned that the blood work done is Canada is a very basic test and that there are much more detailed results from the LPP test. Apparently the LPP is readily...

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