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Magnificent Work!

By: Jarrad | September 23, 2014

Metexterior did an outstanding job on the EIFS Acrylic stucco on my custom built home. The attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship speaks for itself. Ercan was always looking ahead to make sure the project was on schedule and it was nice to have his experience and suggestions of areas that may look better if finished in different ways. Metexterior was a pleasure to work with and a special thanks for Ercan, Edin, Tibor, Fermine and the rest of the Metexterior crew for all their hard work.

Great service, Great experience,...

By: Elena90 | September 23, 2014

The moment I walked into the store I was greeted so warmly and everyone was so friendly. I had been to many stores searching for a dress and was immediately impressed with their dresses and customer service more than anywhere else I had been. They were incredibly accommodating to the many changing needs that I had. They made sure the dress came in even earlier than expected. And the great customer service didn't just stop there. I recently went in for a dress fitting and not only was the seamstress extraordinary but the staff still continued to be friendly and make sure I was happy. The dress is everything I dreamed of and is beautiful. I would DEFINITELY RECCOMMEND this store to anyone looking for great service!!

Great staff and best costumer service!!!

By: Jonbor | September 22, 2014

I was looking for my first eyeglasses and i need a certain signature brand because i need a bigger frame. I visited most of the optical shops here in Saskatoon and i was disappointed because they don't have the Ray ban RB7018. I Googled it where can i get that frame and i found the Point optical. I phoned them and i was able to talk to Gary (owner) and he said he could order that for me. He is very friendly and very accommodating as well as his staff specially JILL who took care of me when i was there and JENNA, she was the one who fixed my frame when i came back and i forgot to ask the name of lady who helped me out when i was there to pick up my eyeglasses and she explained to me the details about the lenses.. You guys are very nice and i will recommend your store and will definitely come back there for my second pair of eyeglasses. I'm very satisfied with my eyeglasses as well as the service.


Worst customer experience and lies

By: Consumer33 | September 22, 2014

I bought a couch and 5 year warranty from The Brick - 1 year ago the couch starting crumbling and falling apart, I tried to get it replaced with the warranty they got me to buy and it's been nothing but lies and excuses as to why they can't let me use my warranty. Finally 3 months after contacting them and countless hours on the phone with this Scarborough location and their long distance warranty head office, they send me my replacement couch with a hole in it. I called them and they said they'd deliver a new one the next weekend - they did not and now when I call they put me on hold and then hang up on me. Honestly, DO NOT buy anything at any Brick ever - prices may be low but you will pay for it in wasted time, phone minutes, frustration and weeding through lies and overtly rude customer services reps.

Vintage Hardwood Flooring is CRAP

By: mwcotton | September 22, 2014

Had our whole house gutted and renovated cost us $180,000. The main reason for a total reno was to have everything coordinate with a gorgeous new hardwood floor. We picked the Vintage Maple Godiva Estate 5 inch wide engineered floor. It was expensive but that was the look we wanted. Well the Vintage floor is absolute crap. Save your money and buy from a different manufacturer. Vintage doesn't stand behind their product. Before we even had our furniture moved back into the house after the reno the the floor had spots where the finish and color was "peeling" off between the boards. The problem was logged by our contractor with Vintage before we even moved back in. Vintage came over colored in the spots with a "touch up pen". The problem became worse over the first 12 months as 3 or 4 more spots popped up with significant peeling and 5 or 6 other minor spot. We phoned the flooring company and a Vintage rep came by and basically blamed us for the problem stating...


Everlasting Moments...you guys are...

By: stefmezz | September 22, 2014

From the second my husband and I got engaged we KNEW that the people who would capture every moment of our special journey in the most amazing and memorable way is Everlasting Moments. All of our pictures and videos were nothing short of amazing. They always knew how to make us feel at ease and enjoy the moment. Nina, Roxy and Diana were just so amazing and organized...I never had to worry about anything. Paunch shot our photos and most of our videos and, of course, everything was so stunning and beautiful. On my wedding day I was a ball of nerves but Paunch knew exactly what to say and had everything under control. The thing we loved the most about Everlasting Moments was that they really make you feel like you are part of the family...anything we wanted...they did for us and more. Thank you guys for making every moment of our engagement and wedding day so special. Your work is nothing short of AMAZING!

Bad customer service

By: kevinhill | September 22, 2014

I just went to this bath and turned around and left. As a visitor to Ottawa, I was not sure of what their process was to enter. Door locked with a buzzer saying "Press once" There was a clerk at the window and as i pressed the buzzer I entered to hear him say, "was that really necessary to ring that when I was standing here looking at me?" Carrying a suitcase, I explained I was not from Ottawa and not sure of the process to enter. He just stared at me and said, well it wasn't necessary. I told him he could use some customer service training and I turned around and left.

Club Ottawa

Ottawa, ON

category: Bathhouses - Place

Great Prices + Service = Happy Customer

By: TimmyTim | September 21, 2014

I recently bought an SUV from Carline. Their entire team was very helpful throughout the entire process. After purchasing my new ride on way home I had a heavy wobble when I hit the breaks above 80km/h. I took it to my own mechanic and found that it needed a new Tie rod... which would not have been noticed in a safety check on a hoist unless you drove it over 80km/h.(not their fault) ... Carline replaced it with no question. After that I still had the wobble... After deeper inspection their mechanic found that it turned out that it was a warped router from factory (not their fault) ... Again, with no questions asked they replaced BOTH routers AND pads to ensure I was sorted out proper at their cost!

I will most deffinately consider Carline for my next vehicle as should you! Their team made my purchase seamless, stress free and painless!


By: non-member | September 21, 2014

I wrote a review upon booking many months ago, raving about the service that Ashley, of Erin Mills Limo, had provided with all our booking needs, and I promised to write back after the actual day of my daughter's wedding, detailing the service we received from the drivers, etc. I do NOT know where to begin. The service was INCREDIBLE! All the drivers were courteous, professional, friendly, helpful, enjoyable to be around - and I could go on forever without stopping. The vehicles were spotless and gorgeous. They were more than on time!!! We had a limo take the groom and the groomsmen from the groom's home to the Church, then return to the bride's house for the girls and her parents. The driver accommodated every wish (there were many!) of the nervous bride-to-be, with no complaints! He was dressed to the nines! After the Church, it was to off for photos, then to the venue in Vaughan. We had a separate limo take the bride's elderly grandparents from the Church to their...


We need more people like the ones at...

By: non-member | September 21, 2014

My wife and I were in the Chatham store to price furniture we have to replace due to a flood. After walking around for a hour, we met Helena. I was not only amazed,but impressed with what Helena had done for us. Helena went way above and beyond the call of duty with us. It was so nice to deal with someone who genuinely cares about your outcome and experience with Tepperman's. I know we will have to do more furiture shopping in the near future. We will be calling to find out when Helena is working. Thank you so much Helena, you made shopping at Tepperman's a complete pleasure.
J&B McNutt

Poor paint job - horrible experience

By: jmiller | September 21, 2014

I was recommended by TD Meloche Monex (my insurer) to get rear driver fender fixed since I had someone reverse into a parked car. I requested a minivan, when I went there they had a small car. My vehicle body is gray/silver and they painted it more toward beige. There were clear-code drip marks everywhere and paint on rear light housing. Had to go and back three times, still not the best job. I had complained to TD and Carstar no avail. Now my car has different shades. Never again will I go back!

No response

By: lovergurl | September 21, 2014

Just don't get it. the pebblewood address is an residential area. wasted my time going there thinking it was their office. nobody answer the calls, no one cares to return emails either. i would like to know the location of indoor soccer before signing up. could not find the info in their website. there is only a sign up page with your credit card details. how do they expect anyone to signup without proper information. if no one cares to respond then im going with north Mississauga soccer club.

Jun Anievas - Role Model of Excellent...

By: kanovich | September 20, 2014

High caliber professional:

1. Outstanding customer service (corteous, punctual, ready to assist in every way)
2. Excellent knowledge of the Product (we chose RX450 Hybrid due to comparative analysis, presented to us by Mr. Anievas)
3. Outstanding communications skills (written communications are well-structured, clear and conscise; great sense of humor and ability to listen)

Congratulations to Lexus Downtown on having Mr.Anievas on staff ! It is due to his outstanding service, that we may return to Lexus for yet another purchase.

Dmitri and Olga Kanovch
416 560 0725

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