Expensive for cheap

Back in 2004 and 2006 I'd been to 3 events and helped organise another and Cosmic was amazing. our wedding planner warned us about cosmic but I could not believe the reputation she spoke of. How times have changed!
food was pretty good. it always was. not bad for the price but not even close to enough for our head count. the last table up were scraping away at what was left.
bread rolls hard. "in house" desserts were cheap cut up store bought. however we loved the beautiful fruit platter.
owner very accommodating leading up to wedding but then at the event she was so rude. making remarks about our dinner running late by 10 minutes and being disrespectful to the staff in front of our guests. complained about us needing to make last minute adjustments.
lots of bent, spotty and mismatched cutlery. and the linens were clean but some were very badly stained and looked bad. we did manage to cover some with decorations but again hints at laziness, cheapness...

By: jemma101


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