pambis appliance service is amazing

My dishwasher was leaking water all over the floor and driving me crazy. I checked around on the internet and came across Pambis Appliance, with their multiple reviews by other homeowners and their very high service rating. I went to their website and filled out all the info on the contact page. Peter contacted me, and set up an appointment right after this thanksgiving weekend. He came by around 2 pm and replaced the water inlet valve. Now no more leaks on the floor and all is good. Highly recommend.

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Victor Chacon

remember that name when you go to Erinwood Ford to purchase a car.He bent over backwards to help me buy a car. He was great in answering my questions and explaining them. When I went to pick up my new Edge, he explained all the new bells and whistles on the car.

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perfect part of renovation

It took me a while to find a good cabinetry company. I needed some items to be ordered to pick up, then booked big project for my quite large condo. Roman advised me the best. He even agreed to do the job on weekends, - the best ideal great deal for me. They ended up as planned. Being myself picky I must advice them. Fantastic job!

By: SaneiL


Frustrating company to deal with

Ascent was one of few property companies willing to serve our relatively small strata.

We had years of frustration and incompetence with one particular strata manager, no discipline, no communication, etc.

Once our strata finally told them we would leave they brought in a new strata manager who, so far, could not be more different. She is capable, willing to serve and overall excellent.

If it wasn't for the new manager they brought in - I would have been reluctant to give them even 1/2 a star.

By: gea


Good Job

We've used Craftsman Collision for 3 repairs after accidents.

They were speedy and did a great job - our last repair was the only one which we had to take back 3 times to get fixed properly so while it wasn't good when it was originally given back to us they did stick by their guarantee and finish the job.

By: gea


Run from this guy

hired to install pot lights. Started work cut the power to 3 rooms in our house then told us the ceiling was not to code nor the electrical. If we took down the ceiling he could fix it all for $5600 or he would have to stop working. we asked for a detailed quote. He refused. We fired him got all the work done for $ 700 plus taxes but lost our $2000 deposit and have to pay to get a new ceiling though the old one was in fact to code and perfectly safe. Run from this guy...

By: Mel342

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I asked about the cost of complete hair colouring. I was quoted between 60-100. The colour specialist ended up charging me $200 at the cash. Then the cut (with another stylist)tax, tip totalled almost ended at $300. I returned because the colour DID NOT look at all like the swatch I showed "the colour specialist". Very disappointing!

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