Metcap does not listen to residents

Building managers at 1 Fountainhead will say anything to get you off their case. They're not at all reliable or honest. They entered out apartment while we were not home, with no notice. The property manager is just as bad and does not respond to complaints. He's rude and inconsiderate. Do yourself a favour and rent from someone who is not understaffed and will address the concerns of residents because Metcap won't. I have lived here foe a year and a half and despite a change in management, there has been no difference in how the building is managed.




Extremely bad & pathetic customer service. I was charged for a whole full day when I was 45 min late (not due to my own fault entirely as construction work was going on street and I had to wait for 15-20 min on every major intersection following to the store, which i explained to the guy at the counter). I ask them to charge me for an extra hour, if they have to charge. they refused. AVOID them if you can!!



Love Love Love our new Inground Pool!!

I approached Mermaid Pools because we were in the market of getting a new in ground pool. Mermaid was one of four companies that we contacted. We met Mr. Dave McNaughton and his superior knowledge and advice was re-assuring us that Mermaid was the right choice. From little tips as to why you need LED lights in your pool, to what type of filter and why, really helped us feel comfortable
and confident that we were making the right decision.

Let’s face it, installing a pool is an investment that you and your family will enjoy for many years. It is a big project and if we were to do it again, we would choose Mermaid Pools in a heartbeat.

One thing I would like to point out about Mermaid is that their team was attentive to details and always followed up to make sure we were satisfied. We got many visits from them at our home while the project was on-going and that gesture was appreciated.

I have two young boys that are over the moon excited! (and two parents that can’t wait to relax pool side!) 
Thank you!!

Girard Family

Roma's Hospitality

I had my wedding at Romas Hospitality Center on Dec 12th. The staff was so friendly throughout the entire experience and answered every question I asked. When the person I had addressed my question to was not in some else filled in right away or simply let me know when they returned they would answer. Fast responses and easily understandable made my experience amazing with Roma's. The food was top notch and every SINGLE person I dealt with gave it their all. I want to personally thank Joseph, Felicia, Jennifer, Mike and Valerie from Roma's for making my experience unforgettable and with the least amount of stress possible. I would definitely recommend Roma's to anyone for any type of function and hope that I am invited so that I can enjoy it again.


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Fantastic Company Christmas Party

This was our second consecutive company party at Roma's. We really enjoyed our 2013 party and therefore we re-booked for 2014.

Who would have thought things could improve? But they did....

We had 250 people attend the party. Tables were served the meals hot and the entire table was served at the same time. We were even offered seconds of salad, pasta and the mains. Yes, seconds of the mains.

From the doorman to the bar tenders to the servers and coat check staff, everyone had a great attitude.

I would like to personally thank Jennifer who not only coordinated the entire event, BUT also attended and even sold the drink tickets.

We are looking forward to our 2015 party.

Joseph: I am not sure how your going to top this past years.

Jeff Gold
Vice President
La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries




So there's some decent staff however management is TERRIBLE. They claim to be "pet friendly" at the fountainhead complex but there's chicken bones and other garbage all over the property. When I complained to both the building and property manager I was told to pay better attention to my dog to make sure he didn't eat any of it, which was EVERYWHERE. Garbage cans are over-flowing so people just throw their trash on the ground. The property manager appeared to hate that I had a maintenance complaint and got super defensive literally saying, "You can't expect staff to stand around waiting for someone to throw garbage on the ground so they can pick it up".
The laundry room is disgusting, there were holes in the walls when we moved in, our window is broken and fixed with tape...



Favourite place to be

I have been going to the women fitness gym for many years now, and can honestly say it is my favourite place to be. I have tried multiple training centres in previous years and have never felt more welcomed and comfortable at womens. The staff is great, facility is clean and well maintained, there is a variety of machines to use, and is a very motivating and not to mention has a non-judgementle environment.

I recently joined one of the special programs womens fitness offers, which is Tribe Life. AMAZING program. This program is designed with low impact exercises on joints, which is great for those who have injuries. But don't let this fool you... Even though you are not doing squat jumps, or burpees, it does not mean that you don't get worked. I have never had such amazing results in muscle definition and overall strength in six weeks. Thanks to the best instructor Sammy, I have been able to slowly achieve some of my fitness goals. She is such a bubbly/motivating...



Rosi's Nutrition Classes

I really enjoyed and benefited from Rosi's nutrition classes. Upon the completion of the class, I had logged a weight loss of 12 pounds! I had managed to loose some weight on my own, but was unable to achieve my personal goals for weight loss because of the kind and the quantity of food I was consuming. With the instruction that Rosi provided and the support of other women that were fighting the same battle, I was successful. At no time during the process was I hungry or did I feel deprived of food. Rosi's suggestions for better food choices were personalized, practical and manageable. It was a wonderful investment of my time and I strongly recommend Rosi's nutrition program if they are looking for a healthier way to eat!



Scam Artists !!!!

Run from this Place !! Dave Hotrum and Jason Affleck are scam artists !!

Joined in May 2009 cancelled in July 2010...Continued to charge us...sent a written cancellation notice...still charged us...sent registered letter on advise of attorney ... still charging date they have over billed us $5000.00. We closed the bank account and then they started debiting spouses, closed that account and know they are debiting my teenage daughters .... legal ???

When asked for copies of contracts showing we renewed surprisingly they cannot find, however they did inadvertently e mail them all to me showing no signatures and computerized notes of all our cancellation letters (thanks ditsy front desk Vanesssa !!)

I have now had to retain legal council and will be seeking refund, legal costs and damages...

What a complete waste of my time and energies,


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