Great management, clean apartments

I just moved in at Bon Terra Apartments - got a great 3 BR apartment for my family. Love the area - Guilford Town Center is a few blocks away, and I send my kids to Holly Elementary across the street. The large green space in the middle of the complex is great for my kids who love to run around and play there.

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Never, ever again!

My wife & I were very loyal to these clowns since 2007. But no more. I should have known when the 2004 Caravan I purchase blew its rad only a month later and it "didn't fall under their extended warranty plan". So I had to pocket out for that.
When we purchase a 2010 Journey in January of this year, it was cold and icy out so I could not take it for any decent speeds to see how it handled over 100kph. Once I did, there are several issues. The rear suspension is shot, applying the brakes makes the steering wheel wobble, and whenever I go over a pothole or a manhole cover, the rear end shimmies to the left, once almost taking me into the next lane and cutting someone off. And most annoying of all, once in awhile, when you either start remotely or turn the key, you get nothing. Sometimes it starts on the second try. Last Saturday, it did it twice within a 1/2 hour, and then it will just magically start if you try later.
The salesperson when we bought it, assured us...

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The vet techs

The vet techs are also very good. You get the feeling at AVH that Dr. Wood has very high standards because the techs always seem to be focused and careful (and knowledgeable). The office I've known the longest but the others are great as well) are friendly, compassionate, patient and provide great customer service. They are terrific about remembering my name and my dogs' names and they really seem happy to see my pets when we come in. I always get a follow up call to check on my dogs, even if I've been there for something routine.

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I just pick-up our new CX-5 from Agincourt Mazda this afternoon. Mr. Mario Laron did a wonderful job to make our dream come true. He was really nice, professional, and helpful from the day we visited the dealership up to the point we took the SUV. Special thanks to Mr. Jerry Chua and Mr. Michael Chong who gave us another piece of mind that indeed we had a very good deal in this car.

I will highly recommend Mr. Mario Laron to my friends and especially Agincourt Mazda as the best dealership in Scarborough.

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A first time car buyer. Pleased with...

I'm a new graduate buying my first vehicle. From the moment we walked in Mario received us immediately and gave us a tour of the Mazda3. He took control of the vehicle in the first half of the test drive to show off the vehicle's performance and handling.

I was a bit overwhelmed at the feeling of the first vehicle purchase but Mario, Henry, and Edison guided us through the process and negotiated a deal for the vehicle.

Many thanks to all for a hospitable first time buyer's experience!

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