Worst Mistake of my Life

For many years, I have had an inguinal hernia on the right side. Finally, after careful selection of available options, I decided to have a surgery at the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto. I was admitted in October 2014.
While in hospital, what surprised me was a presence of one shower for one floor (for 35 people). Well, it kind of makes sense, because you are not to have a shower after the surgery. However, the first day in the hospital, before the surgery, you want to take a shower. So, get in line! The facility is not really adequately equipped. The furniture is, according to my companion in the room, same as when his father had his operation at this clinic 20 years ago.
Before the operation, you are supposed to get sedatives. While some patients in the pre-operative room were already sleeping and snoring, I walked to the operation table. While being operated on, I felt like being drunk. However, I felt when the doctor was tightening the stitches. No, I did not feel any...