15% fees

Food was alright. Equipment and flatware worse for wear. We could accept these things because we did seem to be getting a fairly decent deal given it was last minute. What was dubious was a 15% surcharge for Canadian Catering Association and SIMON Fraser Health Authority fees. When questioned the staff knew nothing, referred us to owner Monike and said she would not send food if it not paid in full.
Monike the owner assured us would be present but was NO show. We left messages. No reapnse. We were short cash so made a check for remainder of balance. Cash only. red flag.
We have yet to find the "Canadian Catering Association" and FRASER health authority confirmed there should be no such charges on our bill. The suggestion was if no refund issued we report to CRA.
While my daughter and son in law wish to move on, never deal with monike again, and ignore fraud charges i cannot believe only they were charged these surcharges.
Have yet to see similar complaints...

By: carolem55

category: Catering - Service providers

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