Excellent Services

We have been using Paramount Limo for years. We are pleased with their services. They are reliable, punctual and courteous. Their cars are clean and very comfortable. Last time, we used their services for a friend’s bachelor party. It was fun to avail their services. We highly recommend their services.

By: cullensdiana


Happy customer

I walked into the store not expecting to buy. My salesman Elie approached in a friendly manner. I explained w hat I wanted and was shown many peices. There was no pressure and I found my purchase very enjoyable. I have since received my chair and am very happy with it. Thank you Elie I will certainly give your card to others.

By: non-member


Best dermatologist and clinic

Dr. Barankin has been helping me with various skin issues over the years and I am so fortunate to have him as my skin doctor. He is very professional and really tries to help. He has saved my skin many times now. The clinic is also a real pleasure to visit; beautiful large space, clean and helpful people working there who seem to enjoy their work.

By: Rberg


Great Experience

We bought a washing machine at the Scarborough branch of Bad Boy and we got a great deal and excellent service. The delivery was on the date we agreed on and I didn't have to wait all day for the drivers to show up. The deliverers were careful, professional and courteous. I would recommend Bad Boy highly.

By: non-member


Never deal with Sisley!

I have recently purchased a 2006 Honda Accord from Honda Sisley Dealership in Thornhill, ON. When I was shown this vehicle, I noticed that the tires were partly deflated, and the rims were in bad condition, with the Aluminum corroded. By the way In Canada I bought 5 cars but Sisley is something special !!!

When I inquired about these issues, I was advised that the mechanics at Honda Sisley will take care of “everything”. I was also informed that the car passed all inspections and tests and had undergone all essential vehicle services at Sisley.

When I requested to view the vehicle history, or Carproof Report, as well as service and maintenance records, the salesperson and her manager both refused. I was told that the Dealership had a policy whereby they do not provide this information. They advised that I will receive “everything” when I purchase the vehicle.

I had trusted them, and gave them a down-payment of $500. Afterwards, I was given a...

By: EugeneG





Hi Eugene,

Your review on the Sisley website wasn’t published because it did not contain all of the facts. We have in fact published negative reviews (on OUR website) where we need to improve somewhat. How many dealerships do you know that do this, and operate with transparency as we do?

You were given a CarProof report on the vehicle and when you asked for the service history from the dealership, Richard stated that there was nothing to be concerned about, and that he would supply our records to you once the vehicle was put into your name. Richard did that only to protect the identity of the person who traded it to us, as you would expect if it was your trade-in.

You state that one wheel had a leak and our records indicate that John Yu authorized the leak to be repaired at no charge. What did anybody at Sisley do wrong? The only time anybody has said “no” to you was when you demanded four brand-new aluminum wheels for your vehicle.

I do not care where you came from, your background, nor your age, as these factors have no bearing in how we treat our customers. Nobody at Sisley is “spitting in your face” as you have stated in your prior email to me. We repaired your wheel at no charge (even though the car is over eight years old and has no warranty) and I agree with our managers that your request to replace all wheels with new ones to be unreasonable. We have dealt with you with utmost respect, honesty, and integrity. My advice to you is to drop this and to begin to enjoy your car!

Doug McDougall
Director of Sales
Sisley for Honda + Sisley Hyundai


On Saturday, July 26, 2014 12:47:44 PM, Eugene Goldshtein wrote:

Hi Mr. McDougall,
Yesterday I promised to send my story about Sisley. I tried to put my review on the Sisley website with a 1 star rating but Sisley did not even publish it. Maybe they only accept 4-5 star reviews? Or to put in YouTube better?
You can see my movies eugenemagic.
I am living 14 years in Canada. I bought 5 cars in total(sold one) but my favorite car is a 1998 Honda Accord. We wanted to purchase another Honda Accord V6 2006 or 2007 and because we live near Sisley dealership we bought from there. Everybody knows Sisley Honda.
See my attachment for my story. It is really strange to me that when you go a different used car dealership and they immediately give you history of their car (Ford-Thornhill, where I bought my Elantra). Here in Sisley, Janna and Richard refused to give me history of the car because it is private information, against Canadian Law and subject to a $50,000 fine.
In the safety report it was written everything OK except wheels, which had a problem. So I should drive the car without wheels? Or is it a license to kill myself or others? I paid $9000 before tax and to Sisley and got this service.

After everything Mr.Richard told me to complain where I want to. It means in Canada "F.. off!".
I am 57 years old. Mechanical engineer, Lt. Soviet Army (mechanized infantry), have corporation (technical
design, entertainment, video studio etc.) with hundreds of clients, my 2 sons in DND MP Cpl. & Pte. etc.
I am not a type of person to let people to spit in my face. Even people from Sisley.

Yevgeniy Goldshtein
1657465 Otario Ltd.

Guest Service manager ( Outstanding)

Today I had my 1993 Toyota Camry serviced at Don Valley Toyota North. Marlon Lopez looked after me and the service I received was above and beyond my expectations. He looked after me personally, had my car cleaned and even though I had to have major work done on the car ($1,650.00), I was extremely happy with Marlon's attention to the car, making sure everything was completed on time and with care and a detailed explanation of what was done. I have dealt with other Toyota dealerships, but I can honestly say that Marlon makes the difference at Don Valley Toyota North and I will continue servicing our cars there.

Employees mentioned in this review:

By: 1993



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