Hanna's alteration and design

By: Jeanwilsdon | July 28, 2014

I ordered a bridesmaid dress for my daughter which arrived in the wrong color. Hanna was able to duplicate the dress perfectly (in the right color). She designed the pattern herself and the dress fit perfectly. Hanna was super fun and a joy to work with. Couldn't say enough good things about this lady!! Jean W.

Hanna's Design & Alterations

12100 Macleod Trail SE #315 Calgary, AB

category: Tailoring & Alterations - Service providers


By: non-member | July 28, 2014

Working with Dana and her team is always an absolute pleasure. From beginning to end, the entire planning process is seamless. The food, service, and presentation is among the finest. The aesthetic is clean and minimalist, and Dana works closely with you to connect the event and food into one full experience. Definitely a must-try!

Expert service with a smile

By: femoralia | July 28, 2014

Walked in looking for those last little items to make homemade wine. Walked out with a bag of what I needed, a smile and more knowledgeable about the whole process.
Impressed with the patience and tidbits that were shared in supporting my first winemaking experience.
If all goes well with the first batch, I'll be back for more product! If all goes horribly wrong, I'll be back looking for direction:)


203 Colonnade Rd Nepean, ON

category: Wine Making - Retailers

FANTASTIC attention to detail!

By: lovemycar | July 28, 2014

My first visit to Attrell toyota was a fantastic one! I was referred to a gentleman named Ron in the vehicle detailing department and was told he would take care of me and my vehicle. As I usually take my vehicles to a spot in Woodbridge, I was a bit skeptical of using another shop (as I am quite picky) however, coming "highly recommended" I decided to give Ron and the guys at Attrell Toyota a shot and Boy was it a good shot! These guys went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied. They took care of my vehicle every step of the way. It felt as if they were detailing their own vehicle. That extra attention to detail has now made me a regular lifetime client. Seeing how they handle a simple detail client, gives me piece of mind that their sales and service will be up to and surpass par as well.

Thank you Ron and the folks at Attrell!
Super Job!

Used vehicle broken promises by...

By: Joe1965 | July 28, 2014

Extremely disappointed with the service level or lack thereof on our used vehicle - many broken promises made by management and sales rep to repair the vehicle to our satisfaction. The dealership has continued to ignore our emails, telephone calls as well as face-to-face conversations where Again they fell short on their promise to rectify the email itemized items.

Erinwood may have a good customer rating on new vehicles which I cannot with sound mind comment on, positively or otherwise. However, Used vehicle service is very lacking to say the least and I would not recommend the dealership to any of my customers and/or colleagues.

Erinwood Ford

2395 Motorway Blvd. Mississauga, ON

category: Used Car Dealers - Dealers Ford Dealers - Dealers

Happy with the service

By: hayleydelo | July 28, 2014

I'm so satisfied I found them online, and wish other companies would consider customer service as important as they do. The people are polite, productive and amazingly hardworking. They are really a joy to work with and will without a doubt be back at our home to help with any future sprinkler installations!

Blooming Toronto

127 Dolomite Drive, Toronto, ON

category: Lawn Sprinklers - Contractors

Cannot recognize when dog is in distress

By: silverwolf | July 28, 2014

New to the area, we took our two berners to to Juanita's as they had pictures of berners on their site and the reviews. Unfortunately, we almost lost one when she cause the dog to have heat stroke and did not recognize the systems of a dog in distress. When I picked them up, one of them was gasping for air - I quickly paid and went directly to our vet and were told I got him there just in time - his temperature was 43C (normal temp is 36C. After two days at the hospital, he was allowed home but we had to watch to make sure no side effects of the event. WHen I called to let her know, there was no concern until I told her that both vets were concerned that she did not know or advise up that the dog was in distress. Her answer was I guess I should call them to see what I should watch for. We were fortunate others may not be. I will not take my dogs back here and I will not recommend this groomer to any of our friends and neither will the vets.


By: non-member | July 28, 2014

All our attendees agreed that the Eglinton Grand was a wonderful venue. They raved about the food, the decor and most of all the service. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it was working with their team. They demonstrated the highest possible level of professionalism and attentiveness to our requirements.

Big hit!!!!

By: First National Financial LP | July 28, 2014

Hi Ed,

It was a pleasure meeting you last night. You are so nice and easy going, you made us feel at ease knowing that everything will run smoothly. We’ve heard nothing but excellent feedback on the food. Everyone loved it, especially the poutine and the grilled cheese. Big hit!!!! I’ve also heard great feedback on your staff as well, how nice and friendly they were.

Thank you for everything, the event was a huge success. We will definitely keep you in mind for any other events we plan.

Have yourself a fantastic weekend. Thank you once again.

Best sex toy retailer

By: non-member | July 27, 2014

I've placed many orders through Pink Cherry and not once have I been disappointed. When I did have an issue, the customer service team was fantastic! I'm always amazed at how fast the items arrive at my house. The plain packaging is great if you've got prying eyes around you. The prices are incomparable as is the selection.

So Disappinted with this location...

By: thetphyosan | July 27, 2014

Ordered a breakfast burrito meal with hot chocolate on last Sunday, July 20 and hot chocolate taste like runny water. Yesterday I went to a drive thru at 10:57 am according to my cell phone, for breakfast and it took me three time before I got someone to greet me. Then when I order my breakfast meal she replied that they just changed over the lunch menu just a moment ago. If she would have taken my order as soon as I was at the drive thru, I still would have been within the clock. It seemed to me like she did not take my order right away so I can be past the clock. Just a moment ago my husband went order was sausage and egg mac muffin meal with an extra sausage mac muffin sandwich and breakfast burrito and he found out he is missing an extra sandwich. Had enough with this location in one week.


1725 Kenaston Blvd Winnipeg, MB


Terrible quality of Work!!! Waste of...

By: Jetro36 | July 27, 2014

I had my whole car painted at this location in May and let me tell you. Don't ever ever go to this location if you're looking for quality job!! They do a terrible body work and paint job and refuse to fix flaws. I received my car with new scratches,lumps, blemishes, run offs, and paint chipping. I am so upset because this guy Mario will give you all excuses to get away with it. His exact work is, (there is nothing I can do.)

Maaco Auto Paint & Bodyworks

19 Advance Road Etobicoke, ON

category: Body Shops - Service providers

the worst experience....stay away

By: victoria000 | July 26, 2014

I called the salon because i fell in love with lazaro during my kleinfield appointment but they had limited selection. I booked an appointment for saturday and told them i would be coming in with my mom and my sister. We drove almost an hr...i was so excited. Walk in, barely a smile, shoes off, filled in registration form and the lady asked me what i wanted. I said lazaro ball gowns. She brought us upstairs in the room that maybe had 12 dresses in total with few lazaro dresses. As i was selecting dresses she said i can only try on 5. That is it. What? We were shocked and no pictures allowed either. I have never heard of 5 drsss limit and if i knew, I would go somewhere else. So i narrowed my choices, i dressed myself, couldnt even get a proper feel because how can you fully decide on a dress barefoot. I had to ask her to clamp me in and she just put in couple of clips so every dress looked horrible. The tiny changeroom even has a notice that if you ruin a dress while...


L & J Bridal Boutique

50 Queen St E Brampton, ON


Pleasant Experience

By: non-member | July 26, 2014

I am renovating my kitchen which is a very exhausting and frustrating experience. I was trying to match counter top and cupboards to a backsplash. Eda was amazing. She was very patient and understanding. She showed me different possiblities and various price ranges and then helped me to narrow down my choice. I don't understand in the other reviews that people were unhappy they could not return there tiles. The sales receipt is very clear that the sale is final. I found the experience very pleasant and would definetly go back to shop there in the future and ask for Eda.

Tile Shoppe

150 Caldari Rd Jane Street and Rutherford Concord, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers

Mario Laron (Sales)

By: non-member | July 26, 2014

I was looking to buy a new car. My old Honda Accord has served me well for 13 yrs and needs to be retired. My family has always been with Honda. First, a Honda Accord for my husband, then a Honda Odyssey for the family, next another Honda Accord and then another Honda CRV. However, this time, I wanted something different, something sleek and sporty and something like the new 2014 Honda Civic or better. I had my eye on the zoom zoom zoom car being advertised on television. I thought we would check it out. First, we went to the Mazda Dealership at Lawrence/Birchmount in Scarborough since it was closer to where we lived. When we got there, no salesman approached us. Even when we were browsing around to check out the Mazda 3 Hatchback, not a single person came to even ask if we needed any help. I thought, even if I was desperate for a car,I wouldn't give this place my business. Before going to this dealership, we already had test driven and signed up to lease a 2014 Honda Civic...


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