Scam Business

By: robertarg | August 20, 2014

Avoid this place at all costs. Just Google their name + scam, or any one of their previous business names (Pure Med Spa, Renew Beauty) that they keep changing to scam new people, and keep opening new places hoping their reputation won't follow. As for that other review by SPAGIRL? Only one review. (Yes, I signed up to leave this 1 review, but like I said, just do your own research to see for yourself). We were scammed by pre-paying for sessions that they never delivered or had the equipment for and then refused to refund.

Renew Beauty Med Spa

Mississauga, ON


Unprofessional! I felt like they...

By: vedo | August 20, 2014

Unprofessional! I felt like they tried to pull a fast one on me.
I purchased a 2010 fx35 from the dealership, and agreed on conditions the car should be delivered. First they moved the delivery day on me, fine. Upon arrival on the delivery day, I was shocked not only was NOTHING done to my car as per Infiniti CPO program but it wasn't even washed properly, it looked like someone drove it through a car wash and sprayed some tire shine. Interior still had crumbs and lint in the seats and so on. I couldn't believe this was a Infiniti dealership and I was being treated this way after spending 30K on the car. I was given excuses how they were busy and the car might have been last on the list and so on, really? I was given an option to walk away and I did with a full refund. My experience here felt like some JOESHMOE dealership and not Infiniti luxury, made me even walk away from the brand.

Alta Infiniti

Woodbridge, ON


Excellent job

By: non-member | August 20, 2014

Stephen did an amazing job cleaning the carpet of my bachelor. After moving and having the carpet "cleaned" by the condo admin, I had to call a specialized service to get it in a decent shape. I sometimes distrust the recommendations of companies found on their webpages, but I can confirm that the comments I read about Clean Freaks are for real. Amply recommended. Glad I used Clean Freaks service!!
Alex, student.

Clean Freaks

Ottawa, ON


Fantastic Service

By: mistablair | August 20, 2014

We used First Glance in June 2014 for our wedding. When you have a million things going on, it's great knowing that your transportation is going to run smoothly. The driver was very professional, polite and prompt. He offered us water and fruit at the end of the night on our way to the hotel, and that was exactly what we needed after an evening of dancing and drinks. The limo and town car were luxurious and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

Very highly recommended!

Siding Remediation

By: thebrickster | August 19, 2014

I have a bungalow house in Burnaby, and I got Siding Vancouver to do the renovation for me. I had a contractor on the house to start the project, then he just up and stopped working one day (after he got paid). Siding Vancouver stepped up to the plate and finished the contract. It never ended up costing me any more money, as they worked with me. In return all they wanted was to let them put a lawn sign up for a couple months in my front yard. Not a bad deal eh!! Thank you Burnaby Siding!!

Siding Vancouver

Vancouver, BC

category: Siding - Contractors


By: lhasopoo | August 19, 2014

Have taken Harvey here since I rescued him in 2007 (I think he rescued me!)- everyone has always been very kind, Karina the groomer is wonderful, and so is Dr.John and Lucy at the reception desk. I at one point thought the prices were way to high but upon checking other Vets they are comparable and offer much better hours and many more services - I wouldn't take Harvey anywhere else. Thank you for all you do for our best friends!

Royal York Animal Hospital

Toronto, ON


Horrible Delivery / Horrible Manners...

By: fm87 | August 19, 2014

- Delivery team - dented front panel of washer
- Did not set up steam for drier - did not even take out of box to attempt to do so
- Found money and pocketed it - when they noticed that we noticed, were very odd about it until we said don't worry about it. They said they can't do it but thanked us for the "tip" and took the money anyway
- When the team took the old washer and drier out - they asked if it was to be junked, we said no, we have a buyer for them the next day. When they took it out, they dropped and destroyed our old washer that was to be sold
- when confronted - they lied and blew us off
- been dealing with customer service now for almost 2 weeks to get this resolved and they said they didn't accept liability and refuse to help. Still working with this team to resolve this issue.

This is not a business you want to deal with, I'm very upset that I have a contract with them over the next 3 years to pay this off and I...



Windsor, ON




Dear Frank,

Thank you for this feedback- it's very important to us. I'm so sorry to hear about this very frustrating set of circumstances, just as I'm very sorry to know all of the inconvenience we've caused you.

I believe that some of the issues you outline here have already been dealt with to your satisfaction since well before you submitted this feedback, but please be assured that we will follow-up with you ASAP on the remaining issues if we haven't done so already.

As far as the new washer was concerned, I understand that that issue was taken care of almost immediately. You reported it to us the day after delivery, we gave you a couple of service options to choose from, and that issue was resolved.

As far as the "pocketed money" is concerned, it's my understanding that as we were taking your old appliances out of the house, some loose change (less than $1) still inside the washer/ dryer fell out onto the ground, at which point the more junior member of the delivery crew picked it up. The senior member of the crew dealt with this immediately, telling him that he couldn't keep it and that he should return it. He went back to the house to return it, at which point you told him not to worry about it.

I'm glad that some of these issues have already been taken care of, and look forward to resolving any remaining issues you have.

Thanks for taking the time to share all of this with us; to give us the opportunity to make this right; and for being a Tepperman's customer.


Noah Tepperman

Outstanding service

By: robarobe | August 19, 2014

Outstanding service. I manage the image library of a furniture manufacturer with several years’ worth of product photoshoots. The hard drive contained the archive crashed and FileRetrieval was recommended to me by one of our business partners. From response to recovery and delivery the data to me – everything was taken care of with the least amount of time and by professional representatives following up. 100% recovery of 1 TB and my hats off to the team.

Montreal, QC


Health and Safety Training

By: Paramount13 | August 18, 2014

Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. (PSCI) is dedicated to the creation of a healthy and safe work environment for all our valued clients. PSCI will go above and beyond to ensure that your company is in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Assisting our clients in maintaining the safety culture is our priority. Our team of specialized professionals will provide our clients the success of achieving a safe and healthy work environment. Through policies, training, and a program to ensure that the requirements are maintained and achieved. A satisfied customer will be our strategy for success.
“Your Safety is Paramount”.
Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. (PSCI) is a professional health & safety consulting firm, with the objective to bring together the brightest and most qualified group of professionals from many specialized safety practices. This concept gives its` clients a broad resource to choose from when searching for solutions to their health and safety...


Paramount Safety Consulting Inc.

Hamilton, ON


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