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Great website!

By: evilqwerty | September 14, 2014

I made a purchase here today because they provide a lot of valuable information. They took the time to measure all the sex toys, which is fantastic because producers are vague and are never accurate with the measurements of their products, and every cm matters! The last thing you want to do is buy a sex toy online only to find out in a few days that you can't use it because it's too big, and it often happens. Pink Cherry also provide detailed pictures of their products, showing where everything is supposed to go. Although I didn't watch any, I noticed that they have video illustrations too.

Worst Customer Service Ever

By: jkorchok | September 12, 2014

My nomination for worst customer service ever goes to Purolator Courier of Canada. I called them to have a large package picked up in Canada and brought to me in the U.S. I requested Ground Service at $57, because Express was around $400. Before I hung up, I double-checked "That's going to be Ground service, right?" and was assured it would be.
When the driver went to pick up the package, he did not communicate any of this information. He made the sender fill out the waybill, which does not display an option for Ground Service. Instead it reads "U.S. Deferred", which is Purolator secret code for Ground. After the sender checked off Express service by mistake, he didn't correct them.
Now Purolator is claiming the waybill has precedence over my phone request, even though they knew it was a mistake. I can't afford $400 for a shipment, so I refused receipt of the package. They are returning it to the sender and are going to try to bill the sender for the return. How are these people still in business?

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